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We can hear the screams now, “Silence, heretic! Perfection cannot be improved upon!” Over ten million players, thousands of quests, squintillions in WoW gold, and you speak of improvement? Begone!

Hold up, we’re not suggesting in any way, shape or form, that Blizzard’s magnum opus is anything but an astounding achievement, and a hugely funtastic massively multiplayer online game. All we’re saying is that, you know, there are areas that could be improved upon.

1 – Better Graphics: World of Warcraft is a pretty game, but it’s a pretty game in spite of the technology driving it, not because of it.

Even when it launched in 2005, WoW didn’t exactly set the world alight with its realistic or detailed visuals, that honor went to EverQuest II, which subsequently tanked. Maybe Blizzard were on to something? Of course they were, World of Warcraft was intentionally designed to be a less graphically intensive game than its peers, relying primarily on a bold art style, beautiful color palette, and a wonderfully realised world.

Why the simple graphical presentation? Easy, the more computers the game could run on, the more folks could subscribe. To play games like EverQuest II and Age of Conan, especially at anywhere near the highest graphical settings, you’ve got to have a fairly beefy rig, but you can play WoW on an iPad… think about that.

So why do we want better graphics for WoW again? Well… it’s been nearly half a decade, and graphically speaking, WoW’s starting to get a little long in the tooth. Sure, there have been miniscule improvements in things like texture quality over the course of Burning Crusade and Lich King, and the upcoming World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, but we’re hoping for more dramatic changes. Perhaps a more impressive dynamic lighting system and some more advanced shaders. We’re not asking that the game be made unplayable for those with low end systems, these features could be switched off via toggle.

Is it likely to happen though? No, at least, not unless fans clamour for these sorts of changes and improvements en masse.

2 – Full Voice Acting: Once again, it’s important to point to WoW’s age and consider the fact that at the time it launched, voice acting in massively multiplayer games was, to put it lightly, a rarity. EverQuest II sported partial voice acting, but then EQII was big on flash, and a considerable amount of eqII plat must have been spent on that game’s bells and whistles.

Even now, the number of MMO’s that boast a decent amount of voice acting can probably be counted on one hand, the aforementioned EverQuest II, and Age of Conan notable for their efforts.

However, it’s 2010, in under a year (we hope) EA and Bioware will launch probably the most significant assault on WoW’s throne as king of the MMO’s that we’ve ever seen with Star Wars: The Old Republic. In many ways TOR is looked upon as what might be the next evolution of the MMO genre, ranking high among its many interesting features is the promise of full voice acting to immerse the player.

It’s a massive undertaking, and one we can’t really expect Blizzard to copy in its entirety, but would it hurt to sprinkle some voice acting here and there for really important quests?

3 – A Free to Play Option: Free to Play is big right now, and the stigma it once carried, that it was the domain of dodgy and obscure Korean efforts, or MMO’s at last chance saloon, is rapidly disappearing.

Recent efforts in the F2P space, including SOE’s Free Realms, Turbine’s Dungeons and Dragons Online, and upcoming projects like EverQuest II Extended, Star Wars: The Clone Wars Adventures, and Lord of The Rings Online, have helped to convince folks that games operating on a free to play, or freemium model can be quality, and worth their time.

If you’ve been paying attention, you get the sense that Blizzard’s been testing the market for some sort of freemium or real money trade model lately. They’ve offered items, pets and more in exchange for real cash. It’s one step short of offering things like quest packs, but the ground work is being laid.

World of Warcraft switching to a freemium model would likely open the flood gates as a deluge of new players who can’t afford the or can’t rationalise the $14.99 a month investment give the game a try.

Is it likely to happen though? At some point, probably, but not right now – and not for the foreseeable future. WoW still enjoys huge success and generates massive income from players willing to pay a monthly fee, there’s simply no need for them to switch models. However, in the future, should subscriber numbers start to dip, either as a result of competition from something like The Old Republic, or perhaps even Blizzard’s own next MMO, then it’s a definite possibility that the company might look to inject some new blood into the old gal by exploring such an option.

And there you have it, 3 sure-fire ways to make World of Warcraft even better. Now… if we could just do something about that incessant patching…

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Chris Coker is a freelance writer and avid gamer. He has written on all aspects of the MMO industry, focusing on his latest favorite, World of Warcraft. Check out some of my post on how to combined with the best leveling gear that wow gold can buy and what are the sercets in acquiring huge Cataclysm gold as when the expansion starts.

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These days we do not have anymore reasons to whine about that we’re getting bored stiff. Getting bored these days needs to be a little something of the past mainly because with the aid of our pc as well as by using the internet, we have the opportunity to keep ourselves amused for a long time.

Thankfully, because of the many webpages that have free internet games we can easily keep ourselves amused for hours in a row. The rewards brought by the many free internet games are wide ranging and yet there are also some downsides that can have a negative effect on some folks. I’ll get started with the strengths of free internet games.

Firstly, they are fun. No one can deny that they are entertaining. You can make time pass faster, you can have a good time, you can improve your skills and additionally you put your head to work simply because there are many online games that demand lots of thinking. Many games need you to visualize diverse cases in order to be completed so this surely is a good point. Another great aspect is that they increase your competitive level … I’m 100% sure that you gamed some games and you desired so badly to get #1 that you spent countless hrs just to boost your skills. Having a big competing level is a good thing in the every day life but some people simply do not know when to stop.

Knowing when to stop things is very important and from the point of view of some individuals, a great competitive level is labeled like a bad aspect of free online games. Believe it or not, it’s the only unfavorable point simply because from being too competitive, you can become a video game abuser and spend a lot of time at the computer. You can actually ruin your interpersonal life which means zero exterior communication and this is really a NO!

Going back to the positive points since there is just one destructive aspect, I need to add the very easy manner in which these online games can be played. You only need a medium range computer with flash technology installed on it. Nothing high-tech, no specific software need to be installed – nothing at all; you only need a PC, a good Web connection and nothing else. Everybody has these so go on and try out as numerous free internet games as you can.

About the Author

I’m Alin and i’m 29 – Hi! I live in New York City for a couple of months now. Here I work for and my principal task is to play online games – very interesting. I simply want to share with you the finest ones that I have stumbled upon so delight in!

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This article reveals the secrets about acquiring Mafia Wars drops which allows you to acquire random loot in order to complete a job.

Mafia Wars players have become consumed by the game looking for the latest edge over their opponents. One of the most frustrating aspects of the game is not being able to gain access to certain special items given to you through Mafia Wars drops.

I have therefore compiled a list of Mafia War drops. These will show you which jobs to do to get those coveted special loot items. However, you will usually have to do them a few times to reveal them.

Mafia Wars Drops

Here is the list of Mafia Wars Drops:

Stab-Proof Vest – Kill A Protected Snitch

Bodyguards – Protect Your City Against A Rival Family

Night Vision Goggles – Assassinate A Political Figure

Armored Truck – Smuggle Across The Border

Armored Car – Invade Tong-Controlled Neighborhood

Bullet-Proof Bentley – Win 20,000 Chips In Mafia Wars Poker

.22 Pistol – Beat Up Rival Gangster

Butterfly Knife – Collect Protection Money

Brass Knuckles – Rough Up Dealers

9mm Semi-Automatic – Rob A Pimp

.45 Revolver – Take Out A Rouge Cop

Tactical Shotgun – Perform a Hit

C-4 – Destroy Enemy Mon Hideout

Automatic Rifle – Bust a Made Man Out of Prison

Semi-Automatic Shotgun – Fight a Haitian Gang

Grenade Launcher – Repel the Yakuza

.50 Caliber Rifle – Disrupt Rival Smuggling Ring

RGP Launcher – Sell Guns to Russian Mob

Napalm Attack – Exterminate a Rival Family

If you want to increase the frequency of Mafia Wars drops my advice would be to gain master status on the tier the loot item can be found. This increases the chance of Mafia Wars drops signicantly. You gain master status by completing each job to 100%.

I hope this article helped and it solved any Mafia Wars drops problems you may have.

About the Author

My name is Paul Brennan and I have decided to combine my two passions- writing and Mafia Wars.


I have a blog full of Mafia Wars Strategies, Cheats and tips will teach you how.

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Are you looking for a protoss rush? Do you like to win no matter what? Some people may consider this a “newb” move or a cheese strategy but a win is a win. If its a newb strategy they shouldn’t have lost to it right? Enter the multi gate warp rush. This rush will allow you to get zealots into the enemies base quickly and from all sorts of different directions.

Protoss Multi Gate Warp Rush:

10: Pylon

10: Gateway

12: Gas (only need 50 so assign a single worker)

15: Cybernetics Core (Once this is done start researching warp chrono boost as much as possible!)

18: 3 Gateways

18: Pylon

Zealots Zealots Zealots

The multi gate warp rush seems pretty simple doesn’t it? But lets make sure we go over what has to happen before and during the build.

*Get a probe hidden near your enemies base SAFELY in the beginning


*Once you have 50 gas reassign the worker to minerals

*Build a hidden pylon close to your enemies base before the attack

Things to remember about the multi gate warp rush:

*Destroy his economy ASAP

*Keep your probe/pylon hidden until you have warp researched

*Use chrono boost during warp research

*If you get pushed back just keep producing units at home you should be able to recover

*Terrans have a great counter to this so be weary against them

*Very effective in PvP if they go for a robotics facility you’ll reach them before they can put out a defense

There you have it. You now have a way to win fast even if some players do not think its fair. A win is a win in my book however. The multi gate warp rush is just a general strategy there are certainly other ones that involve a much more specific procedure but this gives you the tools to evolve your strategy as the match continues.

About the Author

Did you like that strategy? Find more free Starcraft 2 strategies or find a the expert guide book that will give you the knowledge you need to get to the platinum league fast at

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World of Warcraft is one of the most popular MMORPG today. As a gamer, you need to understand that having gold is essential for your character to
achieve perfection. With gold, you will be able to buy items that your character needs in order to get stronger and level up faster.

Gold can also be used for other purposes, such as for training your character and also for learning various skills that can be used for fighting mobs and completing quests. This is why you have to
know how to find World of Warcraft gold easily.

Today, World of Warcraft gamers are now purchasing gold guides that will help them find and make gold easily. You need to understand that the guides will vary from one profession to another. Finding
the right guide for your character can really help you out a lot when it comes to making gold.

You have to understand that each character have different strategies when it comes to leveling up and finding gold at a fast rate.

The guide should contain specific instructions on how to find gold for your character class. With the proper guide for your character, finding and making gold will be much easier and leveling up on
certain professions will be faster.

You may want to remember that a guide is not a cheat. Cheating in World of Warcraft include using bots and other exploits that are considered to
be illegal to use in the game. When you get caught doing so, you will suffer the wrath of the World of Warcraft police which are basically people who work with Blizzard.

If you use cheats in the game, then there is a great chance that your account will be banned in the World of Warcraft, which will make the countless hours you spent playing the game useless as well as
the money you invested.

So, the gold guide you purchase should be one that will not jeopardize your longevity in playing the game.

To find the correct guide for you, look for a guide that offers instructions on how to find gold faster for a specific character. A specific character guide will contain all the things that you need
to know in order for your character to find gold at a much faster rate. Through the correct guides, you can be sure that making gold will be a lot easier.

Also, you should get a guide that offer at least one main guide and two supplemental guides. Main guides will tell you how you can make the most out of your character and the supplemental guides are
profession specialization guides and Auction Guides.

In the supplemental guide, you will find instructions on how to make gold more efficiently for a specific profession you choose for your character.

The gold guide you choose should also contain mob charts. This will contain maps on where you will find a high concentration of specific mobs, know what rare items they drop, and also how to kill a
specific mob faster.

With the correct gold guide for your World of Warcraft character, you will be well on your way in getting your character the gold it needs to become successful in the game. Always keep in mind that
these guides will not serve as a shortcut on how to make gold. It will only tell you how you can make gold much more efficiently while playing the game.


About the Author


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Five years ago developer studio Traveller’s Tales launched their LEGO adaptation of the Star wars saga – a first in what was to be become one of the most successful range of games targeted for a younger audience. Since then Traveller’s Tales has tried their hand at rethinking Indiana Jones and Batman, and the time has finally come to re-create every ones favourite sorcerer, Harry Potter, in bright and shiny plastic blocks.

Casting loose

In LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 you get to take the guise of Harry himself explore the winding halls of sorcerer school Hogwarts, and help enact Traveller’s Tales’ irreverent interpretation of the four first movies.

Compared to prior LEGO games Harry Potter: Years 1-4 manage to both stay true to form, and bring much needed evolution to the somewhat tired template. High speed platforming is replaced with more measured adventuring, and action extravagance is tempered with increased exploration and puzzle solving.

The Potter movies successfully portray a sense of wonder and adventure, a feeling that’s been capture elegantly by Traveller’s Tales’ game offering; you’ll get to learn powerful magical spells, escape from the claws of towering trolls, brew fuming potions, and fight animated statues as well as flying books. You’ll have to use stealth and learn guard’s patrol routes be hearth, timing your movements if you’re to avoid being caught outside your dorm at night.

Practice makes perfect

Alongside Harry you control co-stars like Hermione and Ron, using the friend’s combined skills to escape tricky mazes and solve various tasks. Controls are quickly assimilated, and younger players are taught the varying tricks of a magician’s trade trough easy to understand tutorials and training sessions.

The designers at Traveller’s Tales have crated an accomplished and polished game world for LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4. Levels vary deftly between puzzle sections, spell learning classes, exploration and action intertwined with slapstick cut scenes re-telling the Harry Potter tales with a twinkle in the eye.

A fountain of plastic fun

Once through the sizeable storyline, which should take you some 8-10 hours, you’re nowhere near closing the book on the game’s offering. Hogwarts and the surrounding countryside is a veritable goldmine, designed to keep kids coming back to scrounged for extras, long after the sheen has worn off for adult gamers.

While LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 doesn’t push Sony’s powerful little handheld anywhere close to its limits, you’re treated to pleasing scenery, well animated models and plenty of fireworks as you let loose with your magical armoury. The orchestral soundtrack is well chosen and technically strong, while sound effects tend towards the strangely tinny and scratchy – somewhat marring the audio impression.

A perfect fit

Harry Potter: Years 1-4 is a refreshing new take on Traveller’s Tales LEGO formula, and will appeal to fans of the previous LEGO games and the diminutive, bespeckled magician. Fans of Sony’s PSP should feel pleased, that their preferred handheld finally houses an almost flawless Harry Potter experience, that should be enjoyed by children in all ages.

Verdict: Get it! (Verdict list: ‘Get it!’, ‘Borrow’ or ‘Never mind’)

For in-game screenshots and additional portable game reviews, please check: LEGO Harry Potter: Years review.

About the Author

Tommy A. is a veteran gamesjourno with several years of work for numerous commercial websites, covering industry news, reviews, previews and various articles. More from the handheld video game scene at Burning Thumbs.

April 14   FFXIV in time-limited

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Malice interesting to us in the Square-Enix prepared – Final Fantasy XIV Online will use the time-limit system, which will reduce income securities Bodíky skill with it, the longer you play the game. Fans worldwide are made in this report as a rogue.

Course will be as follows: some first eight hours of play you “levelovat” full speed, and after crossing this threshold will gradually decrease the intensity of experience. After another seven hours, then you will not receive anything, so no reason to play on. Limit restarts each week.

According Nobuaky Komota, playmaker, is the main reason to compare conditions among the players who play and who still have a little time. “The main concept FFXIV lies primarily in the fact that players with limited time to play as effectively, to be adapted to the game. It was designed so that players with a slower time did not have unfair advantage.”

However, it will probably be somewhat circumvented – FFXIV a professional system that allows for play during the switch freely between professions, each profession has its limits. Will therefore issue a train and then switch to another. What do you think, timeout is a good idea?
PS3 version delayed because memory FFXIV Gil

Square Enix has revealed the reason why the PS3 version of Final Fantasy XIV onlinovky compared to the PC version is delayed. Originally intended to go in parallel, but followed by disappointment in the form of delay to the console from Sony. Why? It looks like, the reason is a small memory.

“The PC is a great memory,” said Hiromichi Tanaka, producer of the game. “For the PS3 we are limited. The game is in memory adapted and modified, it takes longer than we expected. Anyway, diligently working to ensure that we released it as soon as possible.”

The amount of RAM in the PlayStation 3 is a hot topic for fans of conflict from the beginning. Compared to the Xbox 360, which boasts 512 megabytes of memory, has only 256MB, which is a major project such as MMORPG, very little. The game should come out on the console in March 2011.

About the Author

First believe in yourself, then others will believe you.FFXIV Gil

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If you are on the lookout for a good Rift Leveling guide then this article will tell you the steps that you need to take in order to get a good one and some of the things that we think they should cover.

So let us begin:

Rift Leveling Guide Essentials:

The first thing that any good guide should have is a dual guide for both the Guardian and Defiant part of the game. Now I have seen a few guides that only give you one and they actually looked quite good but you don’t want to have to pay $47 just for 1 guide and then realize that you can only be Guardian or vice versa!

So make sure that any Rift Leveling guide you have has both!

Next Up We Have:

Rift PVP Builds

You should make sure that any guide you pick has the best PVP builds but more than this it should also include builds for leveling up and PVP as well as Invasions as Rifts as you will need different builds to excel at each of these.

A lot of the guides I have seen miss this out and it makes you wonder whether or not they play the game…

The final thing I would say to look for in a good Rift Leveling guide is:

Maps and screenshots:

We mentioned above that you must make sure you get both leveling paths but how these are presented will make a BIG difference as you will have to follow the route set out for you.

So make sure you get maps and screenshots that tell you where you need to be.

Optional extras:

If you are just starting out then you may want to get a short guide on the User interface and also the Rifts and Invasions and explaining how they work!

Recommendation for a Rift Leveling Guide:

At the moment if you want a Rift Leveling guide that contains all of the above then you need to check out Xerxes Rift guide.

It has all of the above and has been getting some rave reviews as well!

I hope this has helped you understand how to pick a good Rift Leveling guide!

About the Author

Get the ultimate Rift Leveling Guide

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Ever since the first 2D games came about were all you did was lay a plastic maze like piece over your television set and moved the blimp through until you got bored to the free online RPG 3D games with there surround sound awesome game play with realistic peripherals mimicking the real life items your using in game of today, its always been about the graphics the stunning and in some cases not so stunning visuals available to feast your eyes upon.
2D games were huge in the earlier years of game development with thousands of games made for PCs and consoles alike. Slowly and surely as technology advanced and programmers, designers and developers became better at there craft games started become more and more three dimensional. At first the basic 3D rendering was less 3D and more of an illusion giving the appearance of depth, until the hardware and software was able to break away and become fully 3D.
One of the man advantages back in the day of making a game in 2D instead of 3D was the immense requirements to run the early 3D games compared to the 2D ones. 2D games loaded quicker had more levels and content and rarely if ever caused weird glitches with models moving through walls and the like. But that is a thing of the past Computing power, hardware, video software, game development hardware&software has reached such advanced levels that the requirements to play and most importantly enjoy these three dimensional games is very low.
Online gaming is one of the largest sectors of gaming entertainment With over 11 million people playing World of Warcraft alone, not to mention the hundreds of other online RPG 3D games, many of which are free. Some of those games also have a couple million players most in the hundreds of thousands all playing online games most of which are rendered in 3D. One of the biggest issues with playing online is lag, the more advanced a games graphics and 3D engine is the better quality hardware one must have to run it smoothly. That is not even taking into account lag from visual elements which can slow game performance right down.
And that is the major difference with the games that are being made today and the games that will be made in the future. As online games continue to improve how they render graphics more and more people with average hardware will be able to play them.

About the Author

One such free online rpg 3d games is Fiesta which while not having the very best graphics in the world is still very visually pleasing and with today’s tech a much better choice over some 2d game any day! check it out and see for yourself Free Online MMORPG 3D Games.

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Although the Xbox 360 has gained more popularity than the original Xbox, gamers still have love for the system. In fact there are many people out there who purchase and hold onto every system they buy. Because the game system and games are so classic, it is super important to backup Xbox games to get the best use out of them.
When you go to backup Xbox games remember that there are very few software programs that will back up or copy your game properly. Most will simply copy it, but it will not be readable when placed into the game system. The best way to back up your original Xbox games is to send it through an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) program. Doing this will not only ensure you have a correctly copied game, but will allow you play it once placed inside the Xbox.
Although using an FTP client adds a few more steps to the process, it is a sure fire way to get the best copied Xbox games. Taking the chance with other software runs you at risk for poor copied games that will not play, and some can even end up damaging your original game disc. If you are new to the copy and back up world, search online for some great forums and tutorials to help you out. Knowing how to do something before executing it could save you time, money and of course frustration. Backup your Xbox games with an FTP client or program and ensure yourself quality games and discs.

Looking for software to backup Xbox games? Visit this site for your guide on how to backup Xbox games!

Author has done specialization in SEO techniques and electronics. There are many writers who offer similar services but without the dramatic results. If you would like to receive more information on backing up your video games just check out our website.

About the Author

Author has done specialization in SEO techniques and electronics. There are many writers who offer similar services but without the dramatic results. If you would like to receive more information on backing up your video games just check out our website.