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Do you own a Wii console? Did you just learn that you can now play dvd on wii? Do you want to unlock your wii dvd feature? Then read this article to get answers to all your questions.

The Wii console is one of the most powerful game consoles ever made. But do you know that it lacks an important feature other game console like PS3 and Xbox 360 have in common?

What is it?

DVD Playback. Every Wii owners know that their Wii does not support this. But in this article, I’ll show you the new way to unlock your Wii DVD player feature without having to:

1. Void your warranty.
2. Replace your Wii’s Modchip.
3. And, lastly spend so much.

The Way Out

The best way out is to unlock your wii. This means you get a good highly proven detailed guide to achieve this. You can do it with any guide but just be careful with the one you choose.

Do you know that I have made the mistake of using the so called free guides on the internet and I blamed myself? I was completely lost and all the Wii DVD unlocking files I downloaded contained viruses that nearly damaged my computer.

After a long research, I came across a powerful guide called Myhomebreware. This guide is the best as it contains videos, pictures, manuals and all the Wii DVD unlocking files you need to unlock your Wii. And, within 5 minutes, I started watching DVD movies, I started playing N64, SNES, Sega and More Games from other Consoles, I started installing homebrew applications and games and also playing mp3 songs etc on my Wii.

Besides, I backup all my games into regular DVD successfully. So, If you want to be like me and started enjoying those benefits, why not unlock your wii today by following a guide by clicking at the link below here now.

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So, to gain access to this Wii DVD guide, Click Here Now

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There are many people out there that are using the Wii video gaming console and are quite pleased with it. But many would say that it is not the best choice they have. It depends from one individual to another. Wii is quite entertaining and can relax you or make you do sports.

You are able to lose weight using its programs and that is one great thing that no other gaming console ever did. But many more people would love it if it had better prices. Sometimes the costs for the games are quite high and not many people can afford it. There are any new games being built and you can even get them with discounts.

But for many people they are still high priced. This is why many people are considering downloading the games online, for paying lesser prices. But how do you do in order to download Wii games from the internet?
You can do it for absolutely nothing – FOC using P2P – peer to peer on the torrent sites. But this is something you can not do with Wii games, unless you are seriously thinking about getting viruses on your console. The process itself is low quality and lefts a lot to be desired. One other better proposal is to use the paid fees.

There are many paid packages that you can get and many of them have very good prices. Besides the economical factor you are also allowed to download the games with a much faster rate. You can even get lifetime availability and use it whenever you want. Many people choose this as it comes with a great price and lots of options.
Besides the per-download solution, you can also get unlimited downloads without any price. You will only have to pay a sign-up fee and then buy the software. You can also download, for unlimited time, TV shows, music and even movies.

Paying for such a lifetime program will be nothing more than you are already paying for a disc. In order to download the Wii Games you will not have to do a lot of hard things. All you need is the right provider. You must not use an unreliable one because you risk being scammed. You can download the wrong tool and it can be full of viruses that will damage your console. Always go for the full money-back guarantee and the 24/7 policy.

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Click here and learn how to burn Wii games! Read also the article on how to backup your Wii games.

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Red Wii Console – What Makes It Unique?

If you are looking for a new gaming system, you should look no further than the red Wii console. This stylish and newly improved model of the original Wii console came out in early November 2010 in honor of Super Mario Bros 25th anniversary. However, the “Mario Red” color is not what makes this model so special. The red Wii offers new hardware for better gameplay and added features which have transformed the Wii into a fully loaded entertainment system.

New Wii Features – The Inside Scoop

Netflix Streaming and Wi-Fi

The addition of Internet access and Netflix streaming to the Wii console has revolutionized the Wii forever. It is no longer just a gaming console. Instead, it is now more of a fully loaded entertainment box. If you have broadband internet access, you now have the option of playing your friends online through the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. In addition, you can use the Internet Channel to access the web from your TV (what a relief on the eyes). You can even use Wii Points to download some of the old, classic Nintendo games using the Wii Shop Channel. Let’s take a closer look at each of these features and see why your TV is incomplete without this newly improved Wii console.

What the Internet can do for your Wii?

  • Can’t find anything to watch on cable? Instantly stream movies and TV shows directly to your TV through your Wii console. There are no limits – you can watch as much as you want when you want. Also,there are thousands of selections to choose from.
  • Looking for a new game to play without going to the store? You can use the Wii Shopping channel to download new games and classics directly to your Wii console.
  • Want to surf the net, watch videos, or get a sneak peak of upcoming games? You can find all of these options by downloading extra Wii channels at no additional cost.
  • Want to play your friends online? Use the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection to play select Wii games online.

New Hardware – Red Wii Remote Plus

The new Wii Remote Plus controller allows for much easier gameplay. It integrates the built-in motion controls of the original Wii Remote with the precision technology of the Wii Motion Plus — all combined into a single unit. This new controller also includes a speaker, rumble pack, and an external connector for other Wii accessories such as the Nunchuk.

New Games

Super Mario Bros

The New Super Mario Bros is a great game all around. After all, what could be a better way to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Mario than to come out with a modern version of Super Mario Bros? This version of Mario has new worlds, new power-ups, new moves and a highly addictive multi-player mode with several different playing modules.

New Super Mario Bros Game Features

  • New Worlds. Nintendo sure didn’t make it easy to rescue Princess Peach. The new storyline is filled with tons of extra levels, hidden paths, and secrets.
  • New Power-Ups. New power-ups include the ice flower, propeller mushroom, and the penguin suit.
  • New Multi-player Mode. Up to four players can play. Choose from cooperative mode, competitive mode, free for all, or coin battle.

If you are a true Mario fan, this game is a must!

Wii Sports

There is nothing new about Wii Sports, but this classic game series also comes included when you purchase a red Wii console. For those of you who are unfamiliar, Wii Sports is a collection of five sports games: tennis, baseball, bowling, golf, and boxing. The motion technology of the Wii Remote is what makes this game so fun to play. You actually go through the motion of rolling a bowling ball or swinging a baseball bat and this interactive gameplay is what really sets the Wii apart from other consoles. It makes Wii Sports and other games fun for the entire family.

Want to Save Money this Year?

Introducing the Red Wii Bundle

If you’re thinking about buying the red Wii console, you need to keep two things in mind. First, you will save a ton of money if you purchase the Red Wii Hardware Bundle as opposed to just the Wii Console itself. The Wii bundle comes fully loaded with the shiny red Wii Console, the new Wii Remote Plus, the Nunchuk controller, Wii Sports, and the New Super Mario Bros game. In addition, the console itself is fully equipped with internet access and Netflix streaming capabilities. If you were to purchase all of these items individually, it would cost you a fortune.

The second thing you want to keep in mind is that the red Wii is a special edition of the Wii console. This means that it is only going to be available in stores for a limited time. If you didn’t have the opportunity to purchase the Wii when it first came out during the 2010 Holiday Season, you should seriously consider buying it while you still have the chance. Otherwise, you might end up paying a ridiculously high price for it on EBay.

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I am a 23 year old college student majoring in actuarial science. Although I’m extremely gifted in math, I also enjoy writing articles and creating websites online, especially if they involve technology.

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Kids love to participate in interesting activities and many cooking games for kids to play online are nowadays available for that purpose. These games are a very interesting and innovative way of imparting basic cooking knowledge to your kid and various games are present depending upon the age of the specific kid. Kid cooking is indeed a fun-filled and exciting experience not only for your kid but also for you.

You would simply be amazed to see your child getting hooked on to the various educative cooking games. From these games the basics of Math, English and logic are also imparted appropriately. They would also know about the fundamentals of nutrition and food. These interactive games teach your kid the different nutritional facts in an easy manner. Memorizing the same facts from a cookbook or any other resource is boring and less interactive.

Kids can be subtly inculcated with the healthy dietary habits early on in their lives at an impressionable age. You can keep your kid engaged for hours while you are busy with some other urgent activities. Various authentic websites are present which provide cooking games for kids to play online. These games have been devised by experts to ensure that your kid gets to learn something valuable and important for the rest of their lives. Your kids get a close to real-life experience from these games and many associated constructive works are also taught along with cooking.

Some websites charge a fee while many are available which provide good games for kids to play online free of cost. An initial interest for cooking is developed in the minds of the kids and they easily learn to prepare the basic dishes like sandwiches, burgers, salads, pizzas, omelets, coffee, tea, ice-creams, and many delicious recipes like barbecue chicken too!

Just because the games are meant for kids does not imply that you cannot play them. When you find spare time for yourself and want to pursue something exciting you can also join your kids and help them with their games. You might also learn some new recipes which you might like to try later on. Your kids also develop the sense of proportion and realize the importance of adding the ingredients properly. The various games for kids to play online that are quite popular are ‘Making Chips’, ‘Make Cranberry- Smoothies’, ‘Pizza Making’, ‘Cake Decoration’, ‘Grilled Skewer’, ‘Donuts Mania’, ‘Magic Baking’, ‘Ice Cream Parlor’, ‘Making Christmas-Cake’, ‘BBQ Hero’, ‘Preparing chicken-burger’, etc. A person can use the keyboard, or the mouse, or both, for playing these games.

One interesting game that is also quite popular is cooking a breakfast. In this game one has to drag the eggbeater with the aid of the mouse. Then an omelet needs to be prepared over the frying pan. Similarly various other simple yet useful recipes can be stirred up. Do not be amazed when one fine morning you find your son by the side of your bed standing with a plate of omelet, noodles and milk-shake after learning from games for kids to play online.

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When the Nintendo DSi was first released in Japan late in 2008, gamers all over the world were excited to take advantage of the new handheld-console’s ability to download games and other content from the internet. While legitimate DSi game downloads make up the bulk of available content, there are also some things to avoid like the typical adware, spyware and virus issues that currently plague PC owners.

The main source of downloadable content for the DSi is Nintendo’s own DSi Shop. It uses the same Wii Points (now called Nintendo Points) model to purchase games. DS games are fully compatible with the DSi with the exception of games that use the DS’s Game Boy Advance slot, such as the Guitar Hero: On Tour series. The highlight of DSi game downloads are the DSiWare games available in an downloadable-only format from the DSi Shop.

The download process is relatively simple. Once a game is purchased, it is first downloaded to the either DSi’s internal memory or an external SD card. The content must be transferred to the internal memory before it is playable, however. Nintendo fixed this issue with the Wii, as Wii Ware games are now playable directly from a SD card; hopefully a firmware upgrade for the DSi will allow games to be played from a SD card as well. It is important to note that while DSiWare applications can be backed up to a SD card, they are only playable on the DSi that downloaded the content.

Despite the online presence of hacked DS games, these illegal downloads are a source of adware, spyware and other nasty things that can harm the DSi. Also, because of a firmware update, these illegally acquired games are unplayable on the DSi. This is also similar to a downloadable game from one DSi being unplayable on another DSi when the game is transferred on a SD card.

The creation of the DSi Shop gives Nintendo DSi owners access to downloadable DSI games and content in a similar fashion as the popular Wii console. But it is important to remember to limit one’s downloads to only those legally available through Nintendo. A adware and virus-free DSi is a happy DSi.

However there is a great other source for DSI Downloads: Pockedownloadcenter. For a flat onetime fee you will get access to unlimited DSi game downloads. And best of all: download speeds are incredible fast and there is no need ot be afraid of viruses or spyware.

<U>Pocketdownloadcenter</U> offers lifetime membership with a one time membership fee. Right now they are offering a special and the price for the lifetime membership is $29.00. Considering that one commercial came cartridge can be $40 that is a pretty good deal for lifetime unlimited downloads. They also provide a guide for purchasing and setting up whatever cartridge and SD card you wish to use to play your downloads.

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Everything you need to know about DSi game downloads! Go to Dsi Download Games

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Marvel Nemesis Rise Of The Imperfects

My Rating 5/10

As the game starts I thought to myself wow, ok, cool this game could be a good idea. The game is somewhat a first of its kind, I’m kidding. In Marvel Nemesis you take control of up to ten Marvel Super Heroes. Wolverine, Storm, Spider-Man, Iron Man, The Thing, Human Torch, Magneto, Elektra, Daredevil, and Venom. Well you can control only a few at a time. That would be sweet if you could have a royal rumble of Marvel Super Heroes! Just like every other Spider-Man video game or related Marvel Super Hero games, Aliens come to earth and want to take over the world. The Marvel Heroes are cloned evil by the aliens, and what a shocker… You have to fight the evil clones, aliens, and then you beat the game.. Game over..

The graphic quality for Marvel Nemesis is hard to explain / describe. The camera angles of the game are horrible. They suck so bad you don’t know if the graphics are good or bad. The character size is so small you barley can see what’s what and who’s who. The alien bad guys are designed just like any other game you’ve played. Designers made a cookie cutter idea of four guys, level after level, after lever. The levels are also boring to play. The levels repeat in design.

The controls to Marvel Nemesis Rise Of The Imperfects are you basic punch kick jump attacks. With the poor camera angles it doesn’t matter if you hit the punch button or kick button. You can’t really tell the difference between. Playing as Spider-Man has some perks. Some arenas or levels have gaps that you need to jump over, or run up a side wall. With Spider-Man just press the web swing button, problem solved. With the other charters you could use up your lives when you fall down the gap, or fall off the wall that you must run on.

My advice for you about Marvel Nemesis Rise Of The Imperfects is to just leave the game where you found it. Even if you find the game is in the bargain bin at your local game store. This game is not really worth renting, and definitely not worth buying. The replay value of this game after you beat it is zero. Beating Marvel Nemesis does not take very long. If I remember correctly it took me only a few days playing on and off.

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I am required to write 18 articles for a class at school. So get ready for some more. Every article will be about Spier-Man video games.

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Are you searching for a PSP Homebrew guide that shows you how to unlock your PSP so that it’s able to play homebrew games and applications? In this article, I’ll teach you exactly what homebrew is as well as how you can install homebrew and homebrew applications onto your PSP the easy way.

What is Homebrew?

Homebrew software is special software that’s been created by independent developers and doesn’t come on your normal UMDs. There are literally thousands of different homebrew games, applications, utilities, and more. Most of these are available for download right off the internet. You also have the choice of writing your own homebrew applications if you know how to code programs.

How to install Homebrew software onto your PSP

Since these homebrew applications don’t come on your typical UMD, you will need to load them off of your memory stick. In order to do this, you will need a higher capacity memory stick that’s capable of holding all of these applications.

Once you have the memory stick and your chosen homebrew software, you need a special launcher in order to launch them off the stick onto the PSP. When it comes to launchers, there are a lot of choices and it will depend on which firmware version you have. My recommendation is to get an all-in-one PSP homebrew guide that will teach you exactly which launcher you need depending on your firmware version. These can be found online for very cheap.

There is one particular site that I’ve been using and recommend that’s a great PSP homebrew guide. Along with teaching you about installing homebrew onto your PSP, it will also show you how to unlock your PSP to play backup copies of your games. You will also be able to install emulators that allow you to play games from older consoles such as Genesis, Nintendo, and SNES. All together, this site is great for anyone that enjoys playing their PSP.

To learn more about this PSP homebrew guide and see all the features you get with it, check out my site where I do a short review: how to mod PSP

Original article: PSP Homebrew guide

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To learn more about PSP Homebrew and how to unlock your PSP, check out my site here: how to mod PSP

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Zerg Strategies SC2 In this article I’m going to give you 3 great tips to help you win as a zerg. If you’ve played the original Starcrafta lot, then these tactics might be a review. But, believe me, you won’t get bored with SC2. Blizzard did a great job leveling the playing field in both the single game and on

Ok, so here are the zerg abilities and advantages that you need to be aware of.

Burrowing : Don’t overlook this advantage that the zurg have. As a matter of fact, keep it high on your priorities. Why? For two reasons:

1. It’s really easy to lay ambush traps for your opponent with the burrow. Every zurg ground unit can burrow. So while your opponent is preoccupied with beating off a little zergling harass somewhere, just burrow a team, then sit and wait. When you opponent starts to make a big push, BAM! You suddenly appear and wreck his plans. If you begin to get in trouble, you’re back into the burrow to fight another time.

2. Another great reason to burrow is to regain health. Every zurg is biological, so they can regenerate health over time. This ability to regenerate health is not so fast above ground, but after burrowing, it speeds up. So, remember, if you’re taking a beating, just burrow everything and, after a while, you can come back to your healthy zergs.

Running Away: Just because zerglings are cheap doesn’t mean you should sacrifice them. Use five zerglings to kill a few workers then run away. Maybe burrow so they can regain their health. Then use another five to kill or harass your opponent, then run away. Before you know it you’ll have thirty zerglings and they’ll be able to do what they do best..swarm! And thirty zerglings can do a lot of harm. So try to keep them alive by running away as well as burrowing.

Creep Tumors: Use you overlords and creep tumors to spread creep all over the map. All of your units will move faster over the creep. Not only that, but you’ll be able to see everywhere the creep is. Using creep tumors to build a “creep highway” takes a bit of extra micro, but it can be worth it in the long run. Just have your overlord crap out some creep as he oozes his way across the map and before you know it, there’s creep everywhere, and that’s good for you, not so good for your opponent.

So there you go. Take my advice in this article and you’ll be happy with the results of your game.

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For more great tips and advice about zerg strategies, go here.

Good luck

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Just like farming, herbalism and mining, fishing is a gathering profession. By learning this profession, players can catch fish and sell them to earn WoW gold. Few gamers know that the best way to earn gold is to learn the intricacies of fishing. Although fishing and gold making can be too complex, the profits can be huge. In fact, some expert anglers make gold solely through their fishing skills:

In the fishing profession, players can fish for two things:

* Fish

* Valuable Items (i.e. non-fish items)

Fishing for Fish:

Different species of fishes can help you earn WoW gold easily. For example, fishes used in the Alchemy profession carry more value for trading gold. Here’s a list of fishes that are used in Alchemy and requires minimum angling skills:

* Stonescale Eel (found in the Bay of Storms and Feathermoon Stronghold)

* Firefin Snapper (Found in the Wetlands, at Hillsbrad Foothills)

* Deviate Fish you search this fish at any oasis in the Barrens Of these, the Deviate fish can be a very good catch for earning WoW gold on a low level.

While some fish are used in alchemy profession, there are several fishes that can be cooked and then sold at a higher price. Here’s a list of these fishes:

* Figluster Mudfish: found in Nagrand (can be cooked into delicious Grilled Mudfish)

* Golden Darter: found in Zangmarsh (in Terokkar Forest) (cooked into lip smacking Golden fishsticks)

* Zangarian Sporefish: found in Zangmarsh

Players looking for fish farms, i.e. schools can find them using find Fish ability. Gamers can access this ability by reading a Journal found in the wreckage in the Azshara area. These schools can help them get access to specific types of fishes mentioned above.

Fishing for Valuable Items:

Besides normal fishing, players can also fish for valuable items to earn WoW gold. These items include crates, trunk or chests, sometimes a valuable recipe. The best site to fish for items is to hunt for pools of wreckage. These pools contain items such as pricey cloths, potions and money that can be sold at the Auction House to earn WoW gold.

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Among key professions in World of Warcraft, fishing is considered a good option to make WoW gold. There are different species and valuable items to fish, and only a good WoW gold making guide can help you earn profits from such complex professions.

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There is so much hype happening in the MMORPG world with the upcoming releases of the Bioware/Lucasarts joint venture. There are few games that people have been waiting for so anxiously. Star Wars: The Old Republic is a throwback to the old Xbox/PC release Knights of the Old Republic. The game will take place long before the film universe when the Jedi and Sith were equally strong. With a diverse universe that the films haven’t explored there is tons to be excited for. The most exciting part of the whole game will be the SWTOR classes. The known classes prior to release consist of four classes for the Galactic Republic and four for the Sith Empire. The Republic classes include the Jedi Knight, Jedi Consular, Smugger and Trooper. As for the Sith Empire, the classes are Sith Warrior, Sith Inquisitor, Imperial Agent and Bounty Hunter.

Of course we will see all the characters we would love to see in the films. Jedi, Sith, bounty hunters and soldiers but the diverse nature of the SWTOR classes is amazing. The character development has always been part of the allure of the Bioware games. The games of the past have aligned the decisions you make as a character in the game to define your development. Rather than you being a Jedi or a Sith, you are merely a force user. Your alignment of task completion is what will build and shape your character. Even more than that, the use of your skills will pull you further to different skills and traits.

The SWTOR classes are not restricted to force users. The classes will offer us so much diversity with bounty hunters, rogues, space pirates and more. The full universe will be accessible to us including space battles, diverse planets and crazy fellowship of hundreds of alien variations. The whole young Star Wars universe will be at our disposable and we can come together with millions of other Star Wars fans to enjoy the experience.

Beta testing on the game is starting soon and the hype for this day grows with every single passing day. Suffice it to say that one of the biggest problems with the game will be whether or not the servers are able to handle the mass entrance of every Star Wars and gaming fanatic out there. With a rich environment, diverse character development, a cult following and one of the best gaming team ups in history SWTOR will well be worth the wait.

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For details about the classes could be found at More general and quest information about the game could also be found at