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Just a couple of days ago my friend and I were talking about just how competitive StarCraft 2 is as a game. Now we both play other online competitive games such as Team Fortress 2 and stuff but we both agree that StarCraft 2 is so much more intense and competitive. So here are 5 tips to help any beginners in StarCraft 2 get started in this extreme competitive game.

#1 Stick to 1 Race

Luckily StarCraft 2 only has 3 different playable races to choice from so it isn’t too hard to find a race that you like and stick with it. Many StarCraft 2 players make the mistake of wanting to become a jack of all trade or in other words playing Random.

While it is cool to be able to say that you’re great with all 3 races, but to in order to compete in a real professional Starcraft 2 league being great is just not enough. You need to be a master of a single race. And the only way to become a master at anything is to stick to it!

#2 Learn Every About Your Races

While most people just learns build orders or strategies that will get them wins, the real pro of Starcraft 2 invent their own. Anyone can read a build order and use it, but when something doesn’t go their way in a game they just give up.

That’s because they don’t understand their own race enough. It is great to have some build orders to get you started but in a real game anything goes, and you must know your race enough to change your game plan at any moment.

#3 Learn the Maps

This is one area that most players don’t spend enough time on. Every single StarCraft 2 map plays very differently. There a choke points, ramps, destructible rocks, clips, etc… all these thing plays a major role in winning and losing a game. Learn the maps and use the Terrains to your advantages, it makes a huge difference.

#4 Practices, Practices, Practices

You know 98% of all Pro Starcraft 2 players are Korean, and they are damn good at the game. But you know what their secret is to being so good? I remember in an interview done with one of the top StarCraft 2 player in South Korea, he said that when his not in a tournament he practices 10 hours a day. No wonder his good.

#5 Read and Learn More Different Strategies

Finally the last tip is to read and learn more different types of strategies that there is. The more strategies you know the more prepare you are. The more you know the less surprise you will be when your opponent tries a certain strategy on you, and the less surprise you’re the more clam and focus can be to win the game.

So, go to my blog and read my StarCraft 2 Guide and varies of different strategies for every race.

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Casinos from different parts of the world despite all the glamour and glitters have always been misunderstood by many to be one where a lot of serious stuff happens. Many only see that a lot of serious betting and dealing happen in this place and players are required to put in a lot of concentration and stressful time thinking of ways to win. Besides this, many think that for one to win in any game, he should learn all the intricate rules and familiarize him with all the materials needed for each. What people don’t know is that casinos are not only about betting games because a lot of other exciting activities happen here. Whether with family, colleagues or friends, there are ways more than one to enjoy and have a good time.
One way to enjoy the time in casino is the coming of casino shows in the recent times. Now, playing is not all about being focused playing in the table and striving to hit the most coveted jackpot. Instead, while playing, one can be truly entertained by outstanding performances from various talented artists and personalities. Different kinds of dances, music and other forms of entertainment are presented to keep the players awake, energetic and alert. The shows are also perfect for those who content themselves from watching games being played in the table. Shows casino usually come as a bonus to casino patrons and guests. A true treat, these shows endear the casino to the lives of many.
Casino shows happen in the usually elegant places that house an equally amusing casino. If not happening while the game happens, some of the biggest shows are scheduled before or after the games. The shows are prepared and performed with utmost class and elegance through to the cozy environment of casinos all over the world. The shows also create a festive mood in the place making the guests and the visitors sure to comeback whenever they can.
The casino shows also make the atmosphere even more relaxed and lighter. With it, the players can enjoy with their non- casino enthusiasts family members and friends. Because the mood is festive, the shows come with sumptuous food and non- stop flow of drinks. It is also an avenue where the players can release all their tension and other stresses. For one who is playing just to while time, the show can be a really major treat.
Even without the grand entertainment shows, a lot of people keep coming back to casinos. This is because, there are a lot games that one can choose from despite the possibility of meeting new friends from the opponents. The possibility of winning cash is also enticing. However, casino shows make casino life not just about gambling but most especially about having sheer fun. Casino shows take away all the complications that come with casinos. A showcase of talent and showmanship, these shows are as rewarding to the performers as it is to the players and other casino enthusiasts.

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Download Pokemon Black and White DS ROM – Xenophobia NDS Back-Up Roms and Firmware Downloads

Pokemon Games have been the most top DS Game in the Nintendo DS Console. Last March 2011 was the official US release for the Pokemon Black and White Version. This game is the 5th Generation volume of the Pokemon Game and Anime series. The game is set in a new region called Unova, wherein you will have a gift pokemon from a female Professor whom is Professor Juniper. She will give you pokemon along with your friends. The gift is set in your house and you will have the first priviledge to chose first. The starter pokemon in the 5th Gen. games are Snivy — the grass type, Tepig — the fire type and Oshawott — the water type. Once you have chosen your pokemon your two friends will also get theirs and you will going to have your first Pokemon Battle with them.
After a mind blowing battle you will then head on to the Lab of Professor Juniper, she will then give you your pokedex and will ask to fill its pages and travel the Unova Region. Once done you will head to your grand new adventure to the new region of Pokemon Black and White game. The villain on this game is Team Plasma which the matermind is Ghettis, He then have crowned N as the king of Team Plasma and N will be the one who will gain control of Unova’s Legendary Pokemon.
You will battle N and Team Plasma many times, and at the final stage you will awaken the mysterious power of one of Unova’s Legendary Pokemon. The Legendary Pokemon that you will get will depend on what version you play. If you get Pokemon Black then the legendary pokemon you will capture is Reshiram and N will get Zekrom. If you get Pokemon White game then the legendary pokemon that you will get is Zekrom and N will get Reshiram.
The game plot is so exciting and also this new pokemon game introduces new feature like rotation battle and tripple battle. The C-Gear Features that will automatically detect any trainer around your site, new graphic style and many more.
If you dont have this game yet you can get the game for free at Xenophobia NDS Back-Up Roms and Firmware Downloads this is the official site of the Xenophobia Team. You can also download the other previous pokemon games like the Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver, Pokemon Platinum, Diamond and Pearl within the site.
Just follow on this link and you will be redirected to the official site: or

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The Cataclysm is upon us! Level from 1-85
Now With the Fastest, Most Feature Rich
Lowest Price Leveling Guide in the World!

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* Completely Redesigned Minimalist User Interface. Switch Between Full or Mini View Modes, the choice is yours
* 4 Full 1-60 Guides For Kalimdor & Eastern Kingdoms. 40 Zones Covered, 12 More Than Competing Guides
* 2 Full 60-70 Guides For Outland and Northrend
* 5 Full 80-85 Guides For All Cataclysm Zones
* Goblin and Worgen Starter Guides Included
* In-Game Talent Build Advisor For All Skill Trees
* Built In Waypoint Arrow, No TomTom Or Other Addons Needed

Everything you know about World of Warcraft has changed forever. The entire 1-60 portion of the game has been redesigned from the ground up, the talent system has been reworked in new and exciting ways, 2 new races are now playable, and the level cap has been raised to 85.

That much new content can be daunting to take in. It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced, hardcore player or a complete noob, everyone has to relearn the game again for Cataclysm. But that challenge doesn’t have to be hard at all, in fact, it can be made fun and easy with Zygor’s all new 1-85 leveling guides.

Our world reknowned leveling guides have been completely rewritten from scratch for Cataclysm. We’ve even gone the extra mile and added four, count em’, four full 1-60 guides for Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms. So this is it. You are just a click away from aquiring the only tool that can unlock the full Cataclysm World of Warcraft leveling experience.

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With the advent of technology, the internet world started to boom as well. There are plethoras of things that you can do in the online world like play games for example, that are also available in huge kinds. For girls, dress up games is rocking their world. In http://www.y8, dress up games will permit the player to pick her desired character so she can change its makeup, hairstyle, and clothes. Also, the player will have the right to choose the clothes and accessory desired over the wide selection of choices.

In, you will see over a thousand of free games. Some of its dress up games comes with upbeat music that captures the sense of pleasure of the player. The theme for the dress up games may vary such as princesses, countries, fairies, holidays, bunnies, pop stars, prom dates, and many more.

At http://www.y8, you will be able to see a wide range of dress up games which would include doll maker that will allow you to do your own doll, Barbie makeover, dress up couples, wedding fashions, dress up princesses, dress up boys, animals, and more. There are also games that would go with the taste of a punk and an “emo” individual.

As with any girl, this idea of having something to play with as to see how various kinds of clothing will look like once they are put together is pleasing because this will further open up their eyes on the importance of being well-groomed as to boost up self esteem and pride. It can improve their creativity since they can mix and blend makeup colors to suit the face of the doll. This is in fact a good pastime for your little girls so they can escape the risk given by other bloody games over the internet that includes fighting scene and killing goals.

Browsing the wide range of games at is easy because each item is categorized properly. If you are after a dress up game that has couples on it, you can truly look for one easily while if you would like to go for other choices, you can do so without any trouble.

The site is also good for adults. After all, age has never been a limitation on a person’s ability to search for something that will make her happy. Hence, if you are bored within your office right now then the best that you can do is to open up http://www.y8 and ready yourself for a time of fun and excitement! Just don’t let your boss catch what you are doing or else…you are in big trouble.

Furthermore, even those people who are at home can unwind all their stress away simply by playing dress up games at y8. Now, for males, there are different other kinds of games that the site would tender hence no matter if you are a boy or a girl, visiting the site for something that will help you relax is always a good idea.

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Kengo: Legend of the 9 is an action game that lets you take up the Katana and show off your samurai prowess. The player can choose from nine available historical samurai in this game, including the Musashi Miyamoto. Musashi was my favorite samurai to play as because of his dual sword fighting style and aggressive moves. When you start the game only a few samurai are unlocked, the way to unlock more characters is too play through each of the beginning characters story modes. The downside to this is some of these characters are not as fun to use but you have to in order to unlock more characters. Luckily Musashi is unlocked from the beginning.
Now onto what we are all here for, the action, the sword play, the boss battles! So pick up your controller and get ready, its samurai action! Kengo can be played as a hack and slash style game but you have a stamina meter so just mashing buttons will tire you character out, this also work for enemies also. When your character runs out of stamina he can be killed in one hit. This rule applies to both bosses and normal enemies also. When you enemy run out of stamina you can push them up against walls resulting in a one hit kill using the environment for bonus points. The bonus points pay off because after every level you get to spend them making you samurai more proficient. Each samurai has three sword stances that can be changed on the fly. Ranging from more defensive stances to stamina costly offensive stances, it really depends on what your play style is like. I have heard the combat in this game compared to Bushido Blade, but I have never played that game so I cannot confirm that.

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Avatar has been probably the most prosperous film around The movies historical past. Right now there has been enormous supporter subsequent involving film ideal via start out. Getting mostly developed inside cartoon, that movie is naturally adoptive the actual igaming entire world really quickly. Listed below are many tips regarding experiencing the actual The movie avatar video games on line.

The tale with The movie avatar is kind of eye-catching one particular excellent people animal regarding Character game day-to-day lives on this different whole world full of orlando and typical connect. Their own plan is definitely below attack hence The movie avatar should support the particular tremendous humans to guard his or her property from the assault from your people. The particular Character will be individual by his own thus there exists chance involving them shedding his or her existence inside the additional world at the same time, when consequence there are various amounts in the sport through which this participant has something to check out plus live.

The Avatar sport is quite considerate companion on the film relatively than just an additional match. You will find several eye-catching 3 dimensional images in addition to action sequences for your people for you to examine, like the background connected with mobile world is kind of attention-grabbing having a pink and environment friendly growing market connected with colours.

The various areas within the game are common pretty exciting too. The query of new entire world is full of incomprehensible creatures too. In here you will get the chance to know the different beings around that may seemingly attack anyone. The very best strategy within right here is to depart the various creatures alone except a few one particular specify problems people or even arrives on your approach.

The particular check regarding The movie avatar is kind of attention-grabbing also primarily the particular traveling by air training. Driving the actual dragon like banshee is actually stop different coming from employing a product. You will want to create the text together with the animal to help keep the actual hovering in the suitable path. You’ll need for you to get lower this teeth when hovering banshee, that may not work the very first time frame, but once you start for you to practice it really is very straightforward to try and do consequently.

The particular general difficulty of this recreation is moderate, but the youngsters can use your quick model also.Avatar Games The actual battle approach is tiny advanced while traveling by air although about many this can be a fantastic game to become loved completely.

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What do you do when you are bored?

What do you like to do in your free time?

Which is your favorite hobby?

If your answers to the questions above are to play video or computer games, then I have to say that I full agree with you.

Do you like to make money with no risk?

What if I tell you that you can combine these two things, playing video or computer games and make money for doing that?.

You probably won’t believe me, but it is really a dream comes true, that is to become a game tester.

If you wonder what the hell is that, let me tell you that a game tester is a person who play games finding errors in video game software before its release to sell.
The Game Tester plays each part of a game, trying to ferret out graphic glitches, computer crashes, and other bugs.

I was doing some research and found a very interesting study made by the Entertainment Software Association titled Sales, demographic and usage 2008, where video and computer games is a 9.5 billion dollars industry and is still growing.

Do you know that 65% of American households play computer or video games?.

What would you say if you can:

Get to play NEW video games.

Get PAID to play NEW video games.

Get PAID to play UNRELEASED video games before anyone else.

You can do this from your home, when you want, enjoying each and every moment.

Thousands of video and computer games are released each year, be the first to play them! Video and computer games companies are searching for people to testing their games, people just like you. You don´t have to be an expert in marketing or an engineer.

This is more than job, this is fun and amazing. You can make money while you play the best games, the new generation games.

Come on! Let´s “work”.

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Every kid has a talent. Some children show their interests since their early childhood. Others are trying different things before they find their gift. Does your child have affection for cooking? Online cooking games, as it is in Spanish “juegos de cocinar”, are one of the ways to find out if the kid has a bit of interest into becoming a chef. He/she will certainly have fun while making virtual pizzas, soups, baking cookies and desserts, salads etc. Of course, one of the main things of real cooking missing in the virtual preparing of food is the result. However, you can always combine internet activities with actions in real life and if your kid wants to cook, after the games to find time to prepare something together.

What about fashion? Does your child show sign of her/his own style already? It is amazing how some kids have the sense of fashion since the first years of their lives. Online fashion games, translated in Spanish “juegos de moda”, are a great idea how to assure some fun to your talented kid. Many little girls spend long time playing fashion games and experimenting with all the combinations of make up, clothes and dresses, earrings and accessories, haircuts etc. Some fashion games include famous characters and celebrities which make them even more interesting and fun.

Barbie games never go out of fashion. This significant doll is one of the oldest toys in the world with such big popularity that it is almost certain it will not become old-fashioned anytime soon. Girls from near and far still love Barbie and want to see it in different roles, backgrounds, professions, outfits and appearances. Internet is a wonderful place for cartoon Barbie where there are no limits how many outfits she can change, how many jobs she can practice, how many times she will be a bride etc. There are big sections of the girls games websites dedicated to this beautiful character which attracts kids to spend hours in playing different games.

Animals’ games are a great place for kids who love animals and pets. The games include different actions and skills, some players should care for pets and farm animals, others require finishing tasks by the player etc. The combination of music, colours, cartoons and sounds creates unique and very beautiful virtual space for children where they can find entertainment and connect with friends via the social networks Facebook and Twitter. There is something for every kid, from those with interests in music to those with interests in cooking and playing sports.

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Se presenta gran variedad de barbie juegos en Aquí también puede tener la oportunidad de aprender cómo cuidar de un bebé con nuestros juegos bebés. También obtener ideas para el mantenimiento kiddergarden con estos juegos bebé.

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When you search the internet for a World of Warcraft gold guide, you will find that there are hundreds or even thousands of results. It’s simply
all over the place and each is claiming to be the best World of Warcraft gold guide there is. Now, this can really get you confused with your selection as every person who made World of Warcraft gold
guides are claiming that their guide is the best.

And, with the number of guides available, it can really get you confused in deciding which to purchase. So, here is a brief guide on how to buy the best World of Warcraft gold guide, which can really
help your World of Warcraft character make some serious money.

Obviously, the first thing that you need to look for in a guide is the actual size of the guide. It may sound like a no-brainer but you have to remember that gold guides will usually come with more
than one World of Warcraft guide. You will find the main guide as well as supplemental guides.

Look for a World of Warcraft gold guide that has at least 200 pages for just the main guide. With this guide, you can be sure that the guide will contain plenty of great stuff that you can use in the
game, such as maps, screenshots, and detailed walkthroughs, which can really help you make a lot of money and even level up your character faster.

In addition to the main guide, the World of Warcraft gold guide you purchase should also have at least 2 supplemental guides. One should definitely be an Auction House guide, which will teach you the
ropes and strategies inside the Auction House and the other should be a fishing manual for the game.

Mastering the Auction House will enable you to make a lot of money in the game. By understanding the market inside the game, you will have a better chance at making money. It’s basically the law of
supply and demand and capitalism at its finest.

Fishing is commonly overlooked as a very good way to profit. With the fishing manual added on the World of Warcraft gold guide, you will find that this profession has its perks. In fact, a lot of
people who chose the fishing profession for their World of Warcraft character ended up with plenty of gold.

Another thing that you should look for in a World of Warcraft gold guide is a mob chart. With this, you will be able to find the most profitable mob in the game. If you use it right, this can be very
profitable for your character. A mob chart shouldn’t just include the location on where to find such mob, but it should also contain information regarding the level of the mob, what the mob drops, and
the easiest way to kill them.

The mob chart is considered to be a gold mine in conjunction with the quests.

Lastly, look for a guide that has quest walkthroughs. With this, you will be able to complete quests much easier and faster, which can only mean one thing, which is getting gold and nice or rare items
faster. Also, a quest walkthrough will point you to the profitable quests.

These are the things that you should look for in a World of Warcraft gold guide. With all these things included in the guide, you can be sure that you will get your character to make a lot of money
and at the same time, level up faster.

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