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PokeTrainer Pokemon Games Collection is a dedicated site for pokemon. Where, all the latest and previous video-games of pokemon has been post within the site. Such games may come from the Gameboy Advance, Nintendo DS console, Wii and Nintendo 64. One of the latest that is very popular this year 2011 is the Pokemon Black and White version. The game is set in the Region of Unova for US translation for Japanese is Isshu Region, wherein, you will choose one of the three starter pokemon snivy the grass type, tepig the fire type and oshawott the water type pokemon. Yet, other pokemongames are still popular like the Heart Gold and Soul Silver version, Platinum, Pearl and Diamond version for the Nintendo DS console. Gbagames are not still forgotten like the fire red and leaf green version, emerald, ruby and sapphire version. PokemonGames in the Nintendo Wii gaming platform has become more even adventurous due to the fact that the games are in 3D.

Pokemongames has yearly audience due to the fact that the industry of this gaming series has become more even popular every year. Kids of all ages are excited to know the new improvements and features of each newgame, such as the Pokemon Black where the game introduces a rotation battle and a triple battle concept. Also you can be able to view the full body of your trainer and pokemon. Thus, the industry of this game makes the Nintendo gaming platform become more popular in the market. As expected from Nintendo their gaming console has sold millions of their products worldwide, and they are still in pursue to create more quality games for pokemon.

The PokeTrainer site has given their reputable name intact making every gamedownload safe and free from virus, spyware and adware. Thus trainers, gamers and pokemaniacs around the globe you can be sure that your download within the site is safe and won’t corrupt your personal computers or your gaming-consoles. One of the features of this site is the download links of latest and previous games of pokemon, updated information of latest released games, mangas (comics), cheat code and ar codes, game patches for solving in-game issues, pc emulators for each game and lastly latest firmware for the ds storage devices. So if you are looking for a working copy of this games just follow the PokeTrainer site
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Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars is previously released for NDS but ported it on PSP handheld to let the PSP gamers to have a great taste for the game. Actually this PSP version is better than the DS format because of the improvement in graphic and system but still maintain the enjoyment that Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars give.

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When Codemasters obtained the official F1 license frankly we were a bit worried. After all this is the studio that released titles like Grid and Dirt, games renowned for unrealistic handling and an awkward emphasis on crashing. Then news came out and slowly we found ourselves excited about the prospect of having a terrific dynamic weather system, driver personality, the media and many more features new to F1 games. And now, after a wait of over three years, finally the F1 series continue on our favorite next-gen systems, but was it worth the wait?


The game starts with a press conference. Here you must answer a couple of basic questions to set up your racing profile. It’s a highly effective way of starting your career but looks kind of silly when a reporter is asking for your name. One would guess she knows the person she’s interviewing.
Once done you’ll walk towards the team’s motor home, which acts as the main menu in the game. Here you can select between the different modes including: Time trail, multiplayer, career and grand prix weekend, which also allows championship racing.

Career mode is where you’ll probably spend most time at. Here you start as a rookie driver for one of the new teams and, as you accomplish curtain tasks and beat your teammate, can work your way up in the team or accept offers from higher up teams. In addition players will also be able to develop the car or decide to put efforts into next years design. An important aspect in F1 not earlier implemented in a video game.
Also new to the series is the press. Finish in the top 3 and you’ll have to attend the press conference. Additionally after each race you can face the press and talk about your performance. It’s a great feature that brings additional authenticity and it greatly influences relations with the team and competing teams. But the way it was implemented leaves much to be desired. For example the questions always have three possible answers out of which the most right option is the safest. Also the interview always takes place in the motor home with the same person doing the interview, not very realistic.


Codemasters tried to bring in as many details as they could and they’ve nailed it. Every session starts in the pit box with the mechanics and engineer working on the car. Using the monitor you can see the session times, weather report or change the setup of the car. Surprisingly the option to see the AI cars is missing, so you can’t spy on competitors or view the conditions of the track prior to your first flying laps.
More bad news comes when working on the setup of the car, because the game only allows the most basic of adjustments. For example the front wing has just 11 angles to control the front-end grip, a far cry from the many variables enjoyed in real life.
Going round the track is more tactical than ever before. Likewise to real life drivers can now make small adjustments to the front wing or change the engine settings all while driving. It’s very important to nurse the car home and only use the performance when you need it otherwise you could end up in the barrier.

Luckily almost every F1 rule has made it into the game. Drivers only have a limited amount of tyres available to them and need to keep a keen eye on the engine to stay within the 8 available engines per season limit. Unfortunately though we couldn’t select the engine before going to free practice 1, and changing during the session costs us too much time to go out again.
But otherwise these strategic elements have been implemented beautifully. Users can go on track with worn-out tyres or choose when to use that fresh engine. Hint: Monza.


The racing itself is a bit of a mixed bag. The car handles like we’ve seen on television. So you’ll notice the grip changing throughout sessions and sliding in the rain is all but inevitable. The grip also differs per corner and it makes a big difference on the traction.
Unfortunately not every element of a true simulator is present. We could hit the grass without losing control of the car. And even with every aids off there’s that feeling that the game is helping you keep control. This is most apparent in the pits because the game allows absolute no control in the pit lane apart from braking and a dodgy “not always working” speed limiter.

On the flip side every car has its own characteristic. The Mclaren is lightning fast in a straight line and the Red Bull can take sweeping corners at insane speeds. And while it’s realistic, they’ve rated the new teams a bit optimistically. The difference between the slowest and fastest car is about 2-4 seconds; we would’ve liked this to be 4-6 seconds.
In short the game is way too forgiving to match the likes of rfactor or even Sony’s last go at the series. But the funny thing is that you forgot all about it when you’re actually driving and pushing for the limits because driving a virtual F1 car has never been more fun.


The racing is where F1 2010 really excels. It starts in the pit box where last minute strategy adjustments can be made. After which the game cuts right to the grid, unfortunately skipping any form of race build-up.
During the race fighting for position can get pretty intense, especially with damage and car wear set to full. Helped by a terrific AI that jumps into every gap you leave it.
The engineer helps you along the way. He keeps you updated about the race including the condition of the engine and the position of your competitors. But sometimes he says silly things and the phrases get repetitive fast. This however has bugged every driving game so far and is not a big disturbance to the racing.

More of a problem is the balancing. We experienced an unprecedented amount of punctures and were held up many times in the pits while the lollipop man kept us in place until our competitors passed the pit lane. Very frustrating when you just spend half an hour overtaking those guys. Enthusiastic followers of the sport will also learn that the smart pit light systems of the likes of Ferrari aren’t in the game. Talking about details.
Lastly the AI is great when you’re racing them but turn into robots when you’re not. The difference between the fast the slow teams becomes ever so small and some drivers even refused to pit in a perfectly dull dry race. Did the Marshalls forget the rule that requires use of both compounds or did they just pull a “Massa overshoot grid position Spa incident?”

When you’re not hit by the problems though the racing is a hugely rewarding and fun activity. There’s no better feeling than nailing lap after lap in Monaco in ultra consistency while stuck behind a Mercedes.
It’s even more exciting in the rain. The engineer will keep you posted about the weather but as a driver you can make the call to go on intermediates before the rain hits. And when the track is drying you can avoid the dry line and cool your tyres in the standing water. The dynamic weather system is absolutely amazing and light years ahead of any other racing game.
The game succeeds in making every point feel rewarding despite missing features such as the safety car, parc ferme or podium celebrations. But the racing is still the game’s strong suit.


F1 2010 is without a doubt the best-looking F1 game ever made. The cars and tracks have been recreated in absolute detail. Circuit height differences and scenery positions are textured in pinpoint accuracy. Spa looks absolutely amazing going through Eau Rouge and seeing the grandstand as you gentle press the throttle approaching La source. Monaco also looks stunning with the many flats and the sight of the harbor in the Nouvelle Chicane.
The graphics only get better with dynamic weather turned on. The changing sky and the puddle forming on track are unmatched by any racing game. And true to real life when behind someone only the red safety light is visible. Fantastic!
We did however notice some texture popping and slightly blurry textures especially visible in the background. So there’re still some gains to be made.
Sound wise F1 games never really hit the mark for us. In general they’ve sounded very generic with some even approaching “lawn mower” noise.
Luckily F1 2010 is the best sounding open-wheel racer yet. The engines really have that deep revving noise and over-revving the engine sounds very genuine. In fact the only thing that keeps F1 2010 from sounding perfect is the difference between the cars. A McLaren sounds completely different from a Renault, but that isn’t very apparent in the game.


Users can drive online against mates or racers around the globe using the multiplayer feature. The game allows up to 12 racers (1 per team) with an extensive array of options including: full race distance, damage, fuel/try management, penalties and qualifying.
It worked great but we were disappointed about the server search options and the lack of chat in the lobby. Better buy a headset if you want to communicate in any way.
The racing itself worked smooth and bug free. During testing we met many great racers and experienced very close battles. Be successful online and you’ll rank up XP points which gives you dips on your favorite car or allows access to games with a “minimal XP threshold”.


F1 2010 is a great game. Driving the cars is a lot of fun and the racing can be extremely tense and exciting. Combined with the terrific graphics and sound quality, Codemasters has a real winner here. However some balancing is in order and the handling is way too forgiving. Finally it misses some features that every F1 game should have. But F1 2010 is a great start and has the potential to become part of the best F1 series of all time.

F1 2010 review

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I’m Robin Chung. A 19-year-old student studying software design. In my spare time I like to write, for my homepage and novels. Please learn more about me by visiting my homepage. There you can read more articles and find out more.

Robin Chung

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Like in all MMORPGs, an SWTOR account also offers different races within each class of both factions in the game – The Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire. Some of the playable races have been confirmed by BioWare, the developers of the SWTOR gaming universe, while others are still awaited. Here, we take a glance at the confirmed classes that a wanna-be SWTOR account holder should look out for.

Humans: No MMORPG comes without a human race incorporated in it. With a swtor account, the Human race will be allowed to be a part of any class they choose whereas other races are restricted to certain class types. There is high customization available for this race from desired gender to different hairstyle, body and looks. Another interesting option available to choose from for this race is tattoos and scars.

Rattaki: In SWTOR, the race that looks pretty much like Humans is the Rattaki race. However, they sport a very pale skin and no hair at all. This leads to the realization that there will be little customization available for this race, which is so far limited to tattoos. Selecting your Rattaki character will include using male or female and adorning them with different tattoos.

Twi’lek: This is another well known race in Star Wars. They are the ones with a colorful skin and barin tails – tails coming out from their heads. These tails are used to communicate between themselves without anyone being able to hear. An SWTOR account holder will get to choose from various skin colors and tail tattoos for this race.

Chiss: These are lean, blue colored people with red eyes. At this point, not much is known about this race but they are closer to humans in more ways than one. So the most probable customization swtor accounts will offer will be those of gender, hair color, tattoos etc.

Sith: The Sith Empire is one of the factions in the Star Wars universe and this is a pureblood race within it. The Sith hate the Jedi and is one of the most evil looking races in SWTOR. The available customization will be with their facial tendrils. Gender and hair customization for Siths is still not confirmed.

Miraluka: This is a race which looks a lot like humans but do not have visible eyes. Instead they use the Force to see. The customizations for them apart from the ones available for the human race, additionally has the option of visors or veils to cover their faces.

Mirialan: Mirialans also look like humans with the exception of a yellow to green skin. They could also sport a human-like pale skin sometimes. Besides selection between male and female characters, a unique customization feature will be choosing tattoos for the face of the Mirialan race.

Zabrak: The Zabrak usually have a red skin color in SWTOR and have horns. They have evil tendencies, which make them a natural Sith Empire race. This race can be customized using different facial tattoos and horns. Hopefully BioWare will include additional skin colors to this race too!

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The big reason behind the huge success of Cafe world is customization. Yes, you can full control over your cafe to update with great attractive decorative stuff. You can control every point of your cafe like doors, windows, kitchen, tables, chairs and many more. Many people including me have a dream to make such a wonderful cafe. But you have to invest in such a way that gives double return.

Make your cafe design simple but attractive, try not to mix up table and chairs. Remember your customer is not only one in your cafe, your waiters also moving in your cafe to serve food. You must arrange table and chairs in such a way that not only your customers, waiters also reach to the table easily without any hurdles in their way. If your waiters don’t serve you’re your customers on time, then they walk out from your cafe and give negative rating -0.1, which display in top right corner.

I suggest invest some of your time in making arrangement into your cafe and make simple arrangement which helps your customers as well as your waiters to access the table quickly, which help you in making good impression toward your customers that give good amount of coins to you.

If you mix up table and chairs in order to get more space, your customer don’t bother to sit and he left out from your customers. There is a objective, serve little customers and earn more profit.

Here is a Bonus Tip: Arrange your tables and chairs in such a way that your customers have to walk long for table. Doing this it will help your waiters to serve food for them on time and customer get happy and give positive rating for your cafe. Remember, Higher the rating, higher will be the flow of customers to your cafe.

Hope this secret tip helps you in making your cafe more profitable. If you want to read more tips and tricks about Cafe world Masters (ones that many player are using and making more coins, faster leveling up, more neighbors) then I suggest you to visit Cafe World Strategy.


If You want to get full guide of cafe world Strategy then visit Cafe World Strategy Guide

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Hello Everyone, I am 20Years old Tabish Sajwani. My Hobbies are playing and sleeping

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Hey there fellow wii fancier, today in this article I am going to tell you how to unlock Nintendo wii safely and easily and how to enhance your gaming experience and take it to a whole new level of entertainment & fun. Barring a few, almost all of the methods that are commonly suggested all over the internet pose a big threat to the health of your wii console and can damage it beyond repair in the worst case scenario.

Now you might think, “Why do I unlock a wii anyway?”. Well, yes its true that the average wii fancier might just play standard wii games such as the guitar hero and Mario kart wii. They are absolutely great fun to play and you can certainly have a laugh or two with the family during vacations.

Even my family and I had the Beatles Rock Band game pumping and even my granny was singing some of her old favorites. It was very amusing! And even the little kids in the family were singing along to songs that were written in the 60′s. That band is gonna live forever guys!

But how would you feel playing the drums and giving a good try to sing along on your own when everyone is gone back to work after the vacations are over? You would not enjoy it at all, would you? But the more serious wii fanciers like me would agree on the fact that the console, in spite of being such a small machine is pretty powerful, perhaps too good a machine to not use it for a fairly long period of time.

More serious wii fanciers like me know that there are a lot of advantages that can come by unlocking wii. The advantages and added functionalities that come by unblocking wii are mentioned later in this article. In my honest opinion what I want to suggest you is, its better to spend a few bucks for a great software, go ahead and unlock your wii and enjoy the benefits that come by unblocking the Nintendo wii console of yours.

Since the wii market is red hot and the game consoles and game disks are in great demand, scams and fly-by-nights are a common occurrence. Various bogus and poor quality products are present, who with there tall claims promise prospective buyers something that is simply impossible to achieve. Mentioned below are a few tips for you from my own personal experience-

Unlock Nintendo Wii Console Safely & Easily – Top Tips For You!

- Never opt for installing a mod chip in the pursuit of unlocking your Nintendo wii console. Besides being illegal, its going to void wii’s warranty and render it useless.

- Always shop in a trusted, secure environment. Steer clear of suspicious looking websites.

Hopefully this article gives a fairly good insight to you for unlocking of a Nintendo wii console.

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In this article, we are going to explore how to make sure that you get a good PS3 repair guide in which you can fix your PS3 least expensice and as quickly and effectively as possible. Sure, there is always the option of sending it in but a lot of people frown on this because it can be very expensive running around a $150 to fix your console plus that long waiting period

The good news is that this Ylod Repair Wizard which is this guide not only puts an end to that ridiculously expensive bill, but also to the long wait. It teaches you how to repair your PS3 from the comfort of your own home in under 1 hr!

So why is this the best PS3 Repair guide?

This guide is simple even for beginners showing you step-by-step with videos how to repair your PS3.

You dont need to be technical or be an expert at electronics at all to use this great guide. The videos are fun and easy to watch while being effective all together.

Isn’t it nice to know that you could fix your PS3 from the comfort of your own home with just a few househiold items.

There is even a full guarantee on the guide. The guide has a full feature presentation where you can see more about what the fix will contain and which errors it will fix for you. What more can you ask for.

So if you are experiencing these sort of hardware issues with your PS3 check out that full fix through the link below and discover how you can get back to your favorite games in less than an hr! All you need to be able to do is to follow simple instructions with the step-by-step video guide that is in this guide. This is all that is required. Check it out for yourself.

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I still remember the first Game Boy, with the gray color and yellow screen with the famous game “Tetris”. But now the Game Boy has also evolved during the years; after the Game Boy, Game Color, then Game Boy Advance, then Game Boy SP and finally Nintendo Dual Screen (DS).

At first the Nintendo DS didn’t caught my attention, because of the dual screen, it was something I really didn’t like. Just two months ago I decided to buy one for my wife, so I went I bought one. I started playing some games and before I knew it I was hooked to the Nintendo DS, that dual screen that I hated, I was starting to love it. One of the best thing it has, is the great amount of games they have available and they keep coming up like crazy. Go to a store and you see most of shelves with Nintendo DS games. As you can see the Nintendo DS is very popular in the handheld and gaming industries, especially very popular among the kids.

As you can see the Nintendo DS is very popular and you could benefit from it.


By being a game tester, you could get paid by trying new games before they come out; all the gaming industries need to make sure that their games are top quality before they are released into the gaming community, that’s why they need you. So you see that you can benefit from playing Nintendo DS by being a game tester.

So if you really love video games you can make this dream a reality because it’s possible. Well I’m off to test other videos games, is time to take part on the gaming industries by being a game tester.

Benefits of Playing Nintendo DS

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Anthony is starting his online business.

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Choosing the Right World of Warcraft account

The moment a quest becomes vague, the player will simply stop his game and begin searching the web for solution. There are many wow sites that provide solutions for any wow problem. But it means loss of essential playing time.

But with the appropriate wow walkthrough your questing will proceed smoothly. You will receive all the required places and cords of the suitable quest providers, the places you have to go and the steps required to take so as to complete a specific quest and also where to submit. Every good wow walkthrough guides include in-game extras and there is no need to reduce your game, read a particular instruction and then restart the game. It is also time-consuming and few guides are available just as pdf instructions. But the best wow walkthrough guides can be read while playing the game.

A simple to follow wow walkthrough is the prayer for all your leveling problems. While encountering problems in quest is usual, searching for the solutions and reading the feedback of others online can be exasperating as most of them are erroneous. Besides with lots of quests found in wow, you won’t know the ones offering you the highest xp and are simple to do, if you already haven’t leveled some chars. Even in this situation, it is difficult to remember the quests you did with your earlier character
sell wow account

A properly established and beneficial wow walkthrough can hasten your leveling, simplify the entire process and raise your interest levels. It will also assist you in knowing more about the game and its history, your race as well as class. You will find out how to organize your talent points at the time of leveling. It will also tell you whether to attack or play PvP, once you go to level 80. A good guide always includes each wow patch released and there is no old information.
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Choosing the Right World of Warcraft account

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If you own R4i and searching for a place where you can get R4i DSi download online, a website which offer DSi games for download. There are many websites which offer games for download and a few are really reliable. This article can show you the best source where you can get r4i dsi download online. Visit This Website

There are many anonymous websites which offer free games for download online but the problem is they are not reliable. Often times that I have downloaded DSi games from a free site and later to find out that the game is not workable and many are attached with viruses. The anti-virus program that used is not able to get rid of them because of the deep coding of the malicious ware. I suggest you to stay away from website where free games and software are distributed.

A good and reliable game download site is a game download site that is strictly maintain. The server is run periodically to scan and check for virus, ad ware and malware before they are uploaded to the database. Games are checked for being workable and safe before they distribute them for download. So you wouldn’t have to worry about getting threatened by virus when downloading from the trusted website.

There are more than 200K DSi games within the database which also include movies, music, application and TV Shows which are available for r4i dsi download. The list is unlimited and being update regularly so you wouldn’t miss a single game. You can get r4i dsi download and play on your Nintendo DS console instantly.

The download isn’t free since the website need to maintenance frequently. There is a one time membership fee and the benefit that you will receive is the unlimited access to r4i dsi download for life time.

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