October 25   Poke’mon Red/Blue

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If you where around in the late 90′s you should remember the Pokémon craze that swept across the world. Pokémon were everywhere! They had a cartoon, trading cards, breakfast cereal, Burger King toys, and in 1998 the game developer, Game Freak, released Pokémon Red and Blue video games and they sold like hotcakes. Pokémon Red in the United States alone has sold 4.83 million copies and the Blue Version sold 5.02 million copies. As a kid I played Pokémon Blue Version, one downside to playing Blue Version was all my friends also had it. This made obtaining the special Red Version Pokémon pretty hard. One of the fun parts of playing this game in the late 90′s was this was before people looked up every secret about a game online. That being said crazy rumors about this game got spread around the schoolyard like, Mew is hiding under the truck besides the S.S Anne, or the rumor about Pikablu which kids claimed exists somewhere on Cinnabar Island. There were dozens of different rumors about these games, the only one that every amounted to anything was, “The Rare Candy Code”, a glitch in the game that let you duplicate any item. One result of this glitch was the Pokémon MissingNo, which stands for missing number, would appear. I have heard that catching MissingNo can ruin game cartridges and corrupt saved data, but I caught one and did not encounter either of those problems. One great thing about the Pokémon games is that they are both simple and complex, they can be and beaten by casual gamers and kids, but there is also deeper game play with stat based grinding and leveling up characters in special ways for gamers looking for more substance. This easily is one of my favorite Game Boy games.

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If you want to unlock your Wii, you no longer have to open up your Wii console and risk electrical componant damage and lose your warranty over a modchip. The reason for this is Because the days of the Wii Modchip are gone…. That’s right I said it! The Wii modchip is done.

I know the first thing that you just thought of is a Wii without a chip is just like a cheese burger without the cheese.

We all know once you modify your Wii you’ll have a game unit running at its full potential playing homebrew, backed up games, watch movies and alot more… The possibilities an endless. The list of what you could do with a Modchip’s Wii were amazing.

For years modchips were the only way To find the true power it has under the bonnet, and to turn it into an interactive media entertainment center. You will be blown away by the real power that is in your Wii without modchip.

So how come gamers really unlock there Wii?

Once you have unlocked it you can easily download any games or backup any game you want and play it on your Wii for free; or get out the old school emulators and play NES or SNES and Sega and about 10 other console games!

Today with the new technology and with the help of some really smart Wii hackers the Mod-chip has seen its last game day for the Wii.

Now gamers are soft modding where you no longer have to bust open your Wii and solder a Modchip without experience. More gamers break there Wii’s putting in a modchip then anything else. The Twizzer team are the ones to thank and we totally appreciate it.. You guys are incrediable!

It’s an amazing piece of technology code that was created no longer than a year ago. It will unlock your Wii Without a modchip in less than 5 mins and you don’t even need any experience.

Want to learn more about unlocking your Wii without a modchip then just follow this link and you’ll see the potential…

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Now that you have your own Xbox 360, the next thing you want as a serious player Xbox 360 is to make the most of what Xbox 360 has to offer, including the Live Game of Xbox 360. So what’s new with the Xbox 360 Live more and more people are hooked on playing with it?

First, you need to know that there are basically two types of Xbox 360 Live service. It is silver and gold. By understanding what each one offers, you’ll find the service you want to go and really take advantage of what Xbox 360 has to offer.

The first service is the Xbox 360 live silver. Basically, this is the service free version of the Xbox 360 Live. This allows you to play online with ease and also find downloads of their games. Besides, you can chat with other Xbox 360 players from around the world through the headphones and microphone. It’s basically like being able to speak with them by phone.

This is what the Xbox 360 Live Silver has to offer. If you plan to play games online, then you will not be able to do this service. However, you can play single player and will not be able to get this until a week after gold subscribers. As a serious player Xbox 360, Xbox 360 Live Gold is the only way to go. With the Gold service, you will be able to really experience what Xbox 360 is all.

The Xbox 360 Live Gold has a bunch of features that make online games and the unforgettable experience. When you subscribe to Gold, to be able to create an account, which enables you to create your online avatar. Besides that, every game you play online will be recorded. It will also be able to link your account to Xbox 360 to your Facebook or MySpace to all your friends to see.

Best of Xbox 360 Live Gold is allowed to play with a variety of online games with others from around the world. And you will be able to talk to them through voice chat as you’re playing the game. This is a great way to create a strategy to defeat your opponents.

What’s more is that there are games designed specifically for Xbox 360 that lets you use custom drivers. For example, the game Rock Band will allow you to become a drummer, a guitarist, a bassist or a singer with the special drivers you can buy in the nearest to your Xbox 360 distributors. In addition, it can form a band in line with the Xbox 360 Live Gold.

Halo 3 and other popular games are also available to play online. Whatever your taste, you can rest assured that you will be able to find the right game you can play online with your Xbox 360. So the next time you plan to buy a game console, you may want to try buying the Xbox 360.

With its unique online game, you can be sure that you will be able to have fun for hours.

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Online gaming has been the forefront of entertainment for the present generation. Gaming online offers a form of entertainment that is both fun and sociable.

One game however just stands out above the rest. I’m talking about World of Warcraft. Since its release in 1994, the franchise has spawned a legion of loyal followers and addicted players.

There are a few things however that come into mind when the subject of WoW is brought up, and it’s not always positive.

WoW players are often portrayed as being geeks, terribly out of shape, have acne, and never been on a date.

These are of course, nothing more than unfounded stereotypes to lump online gamers into an undesirable set of traits. I want to prove these stereotypes false by listing some of the hottest celebrities today that are all avid Warcraft players. Believe me, there are nothing nerdy about these celebrities.

Besides being drop dead gorgeous, what else do Jessica Simpson and Cameron Diaz share in common? They are both Warcraft gamers. Another diva that will have guys drooling is Mila Kunis. Not only is she a Warcraft player, but she is also one of the hottest celebrities and well known for her portrayal of Jackie in “That 70′s show”.

I did not forget the male celebrities either. Let me add that Vin Diesel is a gamer of Warcraft. This guy got muscle that most men only dream of. I don’t think he exactly fits the classic description of a nerd.

You can also include Matt Stone and Trey Parker to the list. These two are the creators of one of the most provocative animated series, South Park. Yep, they are also Warcraft players.

I can’t conclude the list without adding Dave Chapelle. This Warcraft player has a cult of die hard fans due to his ability to make his audience burst in laughter.

I can expand the list on and on, but the point is that WoW players come from all backgrounds, and is by no means confined to those categorized as geeks. If you enjoy online gaming, good for you, don’t let false stereotypes discourage you from becoming an active member in the increasing World of Warcraft. Create your avatar today and engage in what thousands of people like yourself are already doing.

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If your new to World of Warcraft, the thought of jumping into PvP against players who have been in the game since 2004 is incredibly daunting.

There are so many combos, so many strategies, and so many ways you can screw yourself in the beginning that some players find it intimidating to even consider throwing your hat in with your newly leveled Hunter.

PvP however is among the most engaging end-game content in WoW so its wise to take it slow, take it step by step and don’t stress when you get your ass kicked because this Ultimate hunter pvp guide will take any beginner and mold them into a absolute battle genius.

So many people have already turned to Hunter PvP guides for this reason, as they will give you a well rounded, feature rich means by which to develop subsequent strategies that will take any newbie into the chaos of PvP battle with a fighting chance of winning.

What will I Learn with the ultimate hunter pvp guide?

You learn a lot of things in PvP with a good Hunter PvP Guide, but there are certain aspects that are far more significant than others.

For starters, its advised to learn the essentials of how your particular class works.

You will learn what a good Hunter needs to bring into a fight with in terms of gear, their talents specs, and their plan of attack.

Do you know how almost all hunters freely use their Freezing and Frost Traps?

Do you understand the essential crowd control devices and how they manage the space between them and their opponents to hold the correct distance and hit them as hard as they need to do the maximum possible DPS damage in every fight?

This Ultimate Hunter PvP Guide will show you how to completely destroy your opponents step by step from the very beginning to the very end!

You will also learn how Druids, Warriors or Rogues will approach you and why you need to be extra cautious of particular classes that can close into melee damn fast such as Warriors and Rogues.

This Ultimate Hunter PvP Guide Makes a Difference.

It’s daunting to think about the tonne information that a any new player must go through to be even partially effective in PvP with a new character.

Learning to read your opponents is tricky but its what has helped me the most by far.

You need to know what your enemies will expect of you and be ready for anything they throw at you.

Remember your fighting real opponents now! So only the Ultimate Hunter PvP Guide will actually prepare you for all of these things.

For anybody who hasn’t read a Hunter PvP Guide or any PvP guide for that matter, you should seriously consider spending a little time with one.

You can build up your skill set as well as a series of rock solid strategies before you even set foot into an arena, battlefield or even into PvP flagged world combat.

You can find a few good pvp guides on the net but I personally think this is the Ultimate hunter pvp guide, Iv’e read plenty of PvP guides but I still think this one called the PvP Bible is easily number one!

Most other PvP guides just offer random bits of useless information without any real structure.

Just imagine your hunter can start dominating the battlefield and reach a massive over 2200 honor rating in as little as 38 days!

Get yourself a free preview of the Ultimate hunter PvP guide Here and go kick some ass!

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Hello fellow players! You can call me K.D Iv’e been a hardcore gamer for the past twenty years everything from Atari and nes right through to Ps3,X360 and of course the almighty PC! When I finally pry myself away from WoW(lol) I might actually write a guide myself but for the meantine this WoW PvP guide is the definately the cream of the crop.

October 21   Can you unlock your ps3?

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Back in the days when you where rocking the PS1 & PS2 you needed a mod-chip to unlock these consoles. Once you unlocked your PlayStation you where able to play Copied & Backup games.

I still remember bringing my console to an older guy with hundreds of copied games laying around, and a bunch of tools to start unlocking. I would leave my PlayStation there for a few days and then pick it up, and picked up 10 games for the price of on.e

With today’s technology you no longer need to rip open the case of your PlayStation & have the risk of destroying your playstation. The PlayStation 3 has a hard drive which can be used to save video’s, demo’s And even better, you can use this hard drive to unlock your ps3.

The Playstation 3 allows you to enter date with the use of a USB stick. Because of this technology you are able to jail break your PlayStation 3 without the use of a mod-chip. All you need to do is add the right jail break software on your USB and stick it in your PS3.

This is the easiest solution to play backup games on your PlayStation 3, but there are some things you need to know about this Unlock PS3 method.

It’s not a one-time solution, you will need to repeat these steps for every copied game you are about to play. So basically every time you want to play a copied game you will need to use your USB Stick again.

This is not a big deal for many people, but if you just want to enter your copied game and play then this unlock ps3 method is not recommend.

Are you interested in finding out what else is out there to turn your PlayStation 3 in a complete entertainment system? Then come and visit Unlock PS3. We have listed a complete list of Additions & Hacks for your PlayStation 3.

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Playing World of Warcraft can be a lot of fun but the same time it can really get you haggard as springing from one level to the other takes a lot of time and energy. To help beginners as well as pros get a hang of leveling characters in the game, the Zygor level guide is here. This could be your passport to higher levels in as less time as possible. Guide Zygor takes you through the concept of leveling in a manner you can comprehend easily. And that is because this guide has been designed to assist players regardless of their current state and level of play. So doesn’t matter if you start playing at level one or seventy you will find the Zygor level guide extremely useful.
Before we get into the details let us try and understand the concept of leveling a bit more closely. First things first why is everybody so crazy about leveling. Like you several players might have encountered this question. Well the reason is pretty straightforward, a higher level means you get your hands on goodies which will help your game immensely. So if your intention is to master the game of World of Warcraft, your goal will be to get better at leveling and show the world you rock! As mentioned earlier leveling guide Zygor has the answers for you and when you get to use the guide you will know for yourself.
The Zygor level guide helps the player tackle some of the not so very comfortable challenges in the game. For instance if you are trying too hard to get at the game and get from one level to another it is very likely that you will forget what your character is supposed to do. May sound a little over the top but it is true. Many ardent players have faced this problem and there are good chances that you will too. The guide Zygor helps you keep a tab on what you are supposed to do how. This will be like a friend helping you out with suggestions and giving direction except that this friend will be a quiet and efficient one not breathing down your neck and giving you advice that actually works!
The game of World of Warcraft can get a little overwhelming midway as you have to deal with so many characters, you have to constantly keep a check on your armory, your skills your competition and just to add to the fury you also have to think about strategies to get to the next level fast. All this can leave you jaded and also may hamper your chances of getting better at the game. It is therefore recommended that you make use of the leveling guide Zygor so that you make use of your skills in a better manner and complete the levels fast. After all the game of WoW is all about being smart and the Zygor guide will help you exactly do that.

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While there is a stigma that goes along with making copies of games, backing up video games which cost upwards of $60 is not only practical, it’s easy. Let’s face it, discs scratch, break, chip, and just downright come up missing. Should we be forced to invest all over again for a few seconds of carelessness? I say no and with today’s homebrew community pushing forward to make running custom software on burnt media possible, you don’t have to. While I won’t go into how to back up games with this article, I will go over the steps needed to make a copy once you have an.ISO file.

First and foremost you’ll need to modify your Xbox 360 to run homebrew software. Doing this isn’t as daunting as it sounds but it will void your warranty. If this is a problem for you, maybe you should try GameFly. If this isn’t an issue for you hop over to XboxScene for more info on making this happen. Once you’ve modified your Xbox 360 and obtained an.ISO file, it’s time to get started. You’ll want to make sure you are using quality burning media. For 360 games you’ll need Dual Layer DVD’s. These are not the same as DVD-R or DVD+R and you’ll need to make sure that they say DVD-DL on them. I’ve always found Verbatim to be top notched and have yet to see one fail me. While I’ve also never had a problem with Memorex. I’ve heard reports of people burning coaster after coaster and earlier failing when archiving discs. Next up is downloading the program Imgburn. Either hit up imgburn.com or do a quick google search for imgburn to get this amazing freeware. Once installed you need to go into the settings and change the layer break setting to L0 = 1913760. What this does is tell the program where to create the layer break on the disc. This layer break is the area which the Xbox 360 checks to make sure a disc is authentic. Changing the layer break to 1913760 creates this authenticity. Nice!

From this point on it’s pretty smooth sailing. Open the file you’d like to backup, or the.dvd file if one is available. Adjust the burn speed of the disc you’re using to less than it’s maximum ability. Some people say this isn’t necessary, but I’ve always dropped it down to as slow as I can bear(usually 2.4x) and have never had a bad disc burn. Leaving your discs at 8x or better may work for you or it may not, I just know that I don’t want to drop my disc in and have it not work and have to re-wait for the burn. Your disc is now ready to be burned but just to be safe verify that your layer break setting is correct and click burn.

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Bubble spinner game is one of the most interesting online flash games, which has got several avid gamers hooked on since its launch. The concept of the game has been derived from the highly renowned ‘Bubble Shooter’ game. However, it is quite different from that. This game consists of rotating multihued bubbles that has to be shot by a gamer to help him group similar colored bubbles into three or more sets. The chief task of the gamer is to blow up the bubbles off the board. Points are given to the player depending upon the number of bubbles that he manages to clear off the game. Therefore, all that a player has to focus on is to get the bubbles cleared off the board.

The highlight of this bubble spinner game is that the multi-colored, rotating bubbles acts in response to the way a player controls his game. The direction of the rotation of bubbles keeps changing. Multi-colored bubbles change their course of rotation according to the direction in which they are shot. Bubbles rotate clockwise if the player shoots the bubble towards the left and they start rotating anticlockwise if the bubbles are shot towards the right. The game becomes more challenging with the bubbles on board getting regular additions from time to time. With more additions, it becomes harder to shoot the colored bubbles as they increase in diameter. Moreover, game gets over for the player if he cannot shoot enough bubbles and they get close to the side of the playing space.

It requires a certain amount of skill to play this interesting multi-level game as one needs to use the spaces as created by clearing off the same-colored bubbles very smartly. Therefore, it requires more than senseless clicks to clear the bubbles of the board and win points. Players need to use some smart strategy and a certain amount of luck to shoot the bubbles off the board. One reason why bubble spinner game has managed to attract flash game players is the fact that they do not need to spend much time in understanding how it needs to be played. The exciting features of the game also make it challenging for a person to win it.

Bubble spinner game has attained quite a lot of popularity due to its different features including the pace, setting, graphic presentation and regular additions. It is especially becoming a hit among the seasoned players who like the game more for its brain stimulating ability than for its pleasing graphical presentation. Such is the popularity of this flash game that several online gaming forums and blogs have been prompted to host a section on it.

Developed by DeadWhale.com, bubble spinner game is simple and intuitive but will still get you hooked on. Players, who love this game, admit that they have spent hours in trying to win points in this online flash game. Besides the appealing color schemes, the game also starts with a pleasing sound. Neither the graphical presentation nor the sound distracts the player from the game. It is something that all avid online gamers must try out at least once.

You can log on to http://bubble-spinner.com/bubble-spinner.php to enjoy this game.

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Mia Khanna is an avid gamer, who loves to play various flash games – day in and day out. Here, she reviews bubble spinner one of the most fascinating online flash games she would love to play again and again!