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Wii Games Download Service? Are you interested in downloading them online and have accidentally come across the website? Do you want to learn more about the Download Service program so you can make a decision about it before you decided to sign up with it? This article will provide an insight detail about the service.

Wii Games Download Service as the title stated itself to be a video game download program and it claim to have more than tons of download and countless of games. It means you can download unlimited amount of games online without having to use the original game to play. The website is actually a membership based program that offers the service online, there are two membership options, a 1-Year and a Permanent status. Either one allowing you to get unlimited access to download Nintendo Wii games online.

Beside of game downloads, you can also get other media contents such as movies, music, TV Shows, media software and more. Every downloadable content is workable on the console. You can find every title that is covered on the Nintendo official game list. The game is update frequently so you can keep adding more to your collection.

Wii Games Download Service is a valuable source for people who own a Nintendo Wii device because you can get the most out of it. If you haven’t unlocked the system, there is a step-by-step instructional guide available for member. You can play almost everything that is downloads from the website.

It is serve to be a multi-media center. This is the opportunity for people who want to get all Wii games for the price of one so it is an economic way and conveniently manner to obtain your favorite game without the use of the original one.

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I must admit that the Xbox was always a lame console to me when it was out. I was in Playstation 2 mood, and I would always look for how it was better than Xbox. I never really gave the Xbox a chance. That’s a shame looking back on it now. I bought an Xbox 360 in 2010, last year, because I couldn’t really care less about the Nintendo Wii, and Playstation 3 was a bit too expensive for me last year. And boy have I been suprised. This console is such a wonderful console, especially the online factor! The Xbox Live is by far the best online service for any of the console manufacturers. Xbox was released in 2001 by Microsoft, and was the start of the Xbox live concept. It was the 2nd console, behind Sega’s Dreamcast, that would allow you to play games with other people around the world. But unlike the Dreamcast, this console wouldn’t die and the online aspect of it would become a game changer, no pun intended.

This was Microsofts first console attempt at creating gaming hardware, after collaborating with Sega to put Windows CE in the console. The Xbox Live gaming service would have over 20 million subscribers playing games, which was in line with what Sega wanted for their Dreamcast. Microsoft achieved that and so much more. It would end up selling upwards of 24 million consoles, not a bad start for the company. But again, I didn’t really care that much with being in love initially with Dreamcast and then with Playstation 2. But the Xbox 360 has really changed that for me. The Xbox 360 on its own is great to me, having really fun games and awesome graphics that really can’t be beaten in the current console war.

But in addition to that, the Xbox Live service is really what made this console stick out to me. Once I got Xbox Live membership and played with it, I was hooked. The fact that you can download demos, complete games, add-ons, and play with millions has really been awesome to me! You can use a headset to talk to others, from foreign countries and personal friends. I love the fact that you can do that, it’s really a whole new direction in gaming that you can play with others, not AI characters in games. You can even go through the main games story with others on the Xbox Live service, which is just awesome! That’s like playing Sonic and Tails, me as Sonic and somebody in another state as Tails, and playing together. The 90s, when I was growing up, had no idea that this would be possible, and yet here it is. I also love how you can download the old Sega Genesis games and other arcade games, it’s really amazing what this console can do.

Then Microsoft announced the Kinect, a hands free motion controller, and that’s been really cool as well. It’s fun to be able to jump around and move like you’re really driving around and the game shows it! And you can use it as a microphone to talk to others online, create videos, and even take pictures. It’s something that’s truly revolutionary and will keep this console around for quite some time. And that’s something I’m looking forward to.

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OOTP 10.0.7 is actually the original version of OOTP 10 for Harry Potter <strong><em>free online games</em></strong>. At present, there is a patch that you can use for updating the version of your game to 10.2.16. Below we have provided information on how to download and install the patch, particularly the “Window Version of the Game”. If you want to gain further knowledge regarding the contents in a patch, you can check out our version/patch list.

Below is the step-by-step procedure that you should follow when it comes to patching the Windows version of OOTP:

1. First off, Open OOTP 10.
2. Next, Click on Game preferences > Unlicensed Game.
3. Close OOTP 10 and back up all the important data and leagues in your PC (Although it’s not an absolutely required step for completing the installation, it’s always an ideal practice to be done before making any sort of changes in your machine.)
4. Try downloading the <strong><em>OOTP 10 release</em></strong> patch from any of the trusted servers out there, and click on Run when impelled to save or run the file.
5. Click on “Agree” when you come across the EULA.
6. If you installed to a default directory, click on Install leaving the default settings. However, if you didn’t install to a default directory, don’t choose to do the same, but select the directory to which you actually installed OOTP. (Keep in mind that if you don’t keep this consideration in your mind and unfortunately, miss this consideration throughout the process, you’ll not be able to apply the patch correctly!)
7. Click on Finish once the installation is complete successfully.
8. Lastly, launch OOTP 10 and ensure that you have been updated to the latest version. You can check out our version/patch list for this purpose.
Now, you’re done with the latest update for OOTP Harry Potter <strong><em>online games</em></strong> for Windows. You can now enjoy the unlimited fun with these <strong>free games</strong>.

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PSP Go Download Center as the name indicated itself as offering psp games for download from its website. You may feel skeptical about the site when it comes to involve with payment. The website isn’t free as it required you to become a member to download psp games. This article will provide an insight about PSP Go Download Center whether you should pay for download psp games online.

Visit PSP Go Download Center official website.

But before you head to download any thing from the website, there are things that needed to get done. You will need to customize your PSP console’s firmware in order to play game that is downloaded from the web. You can replace your firmware with a customized one if you haven’t do it, I suggest you to get someone at game stores to do it for you.

PSP Go Download Center

Game Download

There is a rich database where it filled with PSP games. There are more than 200K games which include many categories like movies, music, application, ebook, theme, and more. The list of game is update frequently with the new game, once it is upload to the database you can proceed to download them instantly.

Download Speed

The download speed that you will experience when downloading game from PSP Go Download Center is the ultra fast speed. They use high quality server and download system that make the speed really fast. You will not experience any down time. It also depend on your internet connection, if yours is slow then the download would likely to be at normal speed.


The download process is as easy as a piece of cake. If you really run into any trouble when download psp game, there is a 24/7 personal support available. They will surely get back to you within 12 hours.


As you may already know that PSP Go Download Center is a membership program, there is a small one time fee that goes to maintaining of the server and provide a better service. Every game is scanned and checked before uploading to the database so you wouldn’t have to worry about virus, adware and malware.

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While PC games have become more enjoyable over the years, they have also become more complex to understand and to master. This is not necessarily a bad thing, because for many people, playing a game this challenging will ensure that they feel mentally and emotionally fulfilled once they are able to complete the whole game.

The same can be said for real-time strategy games, role-playing games, and first-person shooters. There are always new strategies to come up with, because when you play with real people online, no two players will think the same. This is where it can become very challenging, because sometimes playing complex games such as these can be very frustrating when you just cannot figure out how to beat your opponent or to pass a certain stage.

When this occurs, your best bet is to get a game guide online, as this will not only help you with thinking up new strategies, but will also give you a better idea of how the mechanics of a particular game functions.

However, be careful not to confuse an online game guide with a manual. The manual is simply there to show you the technical aspects of the game such as how to start the game, how to use the controllers, and anything else that is there to get the player started quickly and painlessly.

When using a game guide, you will find that it is focused more on actual game strategy, walk-throughs, and cheat sheets that allow you to understand a particular concept more easily. For example, if you were playing a role playing game, then an online game guide might focus on certain aspects such as farming, earning more money, getting more powerful weapons, and completing certain quests.

In fact, some of these game guides could even go further by focusing on one particular character class, and the best way to move that character class through the imaginary world in order to reach its highest level possible. With real-time strategy games, strategy is usually the main focus.

The good thing about these game guides is that they are usually written by experts in that particular game, so in essence, you can be assured knowing that you are getting effective advice on any particular strategy that is laid out for you. One point to keep in mind however, is that there are always new and patches being developed for a particular game.

When this occurs, it is possible that some of the mechanics or concepts of the actual game-play could change slightly, thus rendering some of the information in these particular guides useless. Therefore, always purchase an online guide that is regularly updated in order to keep up with any of the changes that can occur through game patches.

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October 26   Mario Games

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Lets face it, everyone is familiar with Mario. He has become a household name and one of the first video game characters that have gained worldwide recognition. Nintendo introduced Mario games as a cartridge based game that was played on the Nintendo Entertainment System. Presently, we see Mario widely available for Nintendo portable and home console systems.

Mario games online are enjoyed by everyone mainly because its full of adventure and is very fun and challenging game to play. It can offer hours of fun and entertainment for people of any age group. Super Mario generally involve a lot of jumping running around and shooting. Japanese creator Shigeru Miyamoto was the one who invented the character who we all know today. Now we can see many variations of these games available ranging from RPG, fighting, racing, puzzle and sport games. The character is recognized as an Italian plumber who lives in the Mushroom Kingdom. His brother Luigi, also a plumber helps Mario in his journey to rescue Princess Peach.

Although we have seen enhancement in the game and graphic in the Mario franchise over time, the same skills and controls of the game have remained the same. Basically if you were good at the initial Mario plat former, you will still be good at the newer updated versions available today.

In order to play Mario, the gamer has to be able to advance the character through each level of obstacles and take him to the finish. His ultimate goal is to reach the Kingdom and destroy his enemies through his journey to rescue Princess Peach. Be assured that the player will be slowed down by many obstacles that will be in his or her path. Don’t worry however if you lose in the game. It gives you the opportunity to play again or continue at the same spot you left off. The only problem however is if you lose all your credits then you will not be able to continue the game where you left off, you will have to start from the beginning.

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October 25   Poke’mon Red/Blue

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If you where around in the late 90′s you should remember the Pokémon craze that swept across the world. Pokémon were everywhere! They had a cartoon, trading cards, breakfast cereal, Burger King toys, and in 1998 the game developer, Game Freak, released Pokémon Red and Blue video games and they sold like hotcakes. Pokémon Red in the United States alone has sold 4.83 million copies and the Blue Version sold 5.02 million copies. As a kid I played Pokémon Blue Version, one downside to playing Blue Version was all my friends also had it. This made obtaining the special Red Version Pokémon pretty hard. One of the fun parts of playing this game in the late 90′s was this was before people looked up every secret about a game online. That being said crazy rumors about this game got spread around the schoolyard like, Mew is hiding under the truck besides the S.S Anne, or the rumor about Pikablu which kids claimed exists somewhere on Cinnabar Island. There were dozens of different rumors about these games, the only one that every amounted to anything was, “The Rare Candy Code”, a glitch in the game that let you duplicate any item. One result of this glitch was the Pokémon MissingNo, which stands for missing number, would appear. I have heard that catching MissingNo can ruin game cartridges and corrupt saved data, but I caught one and did not encounter either of those problems. One great thing about the Pokémon games is that they are both simple and complex, they can be and beaten by casual gamers and kids, but there is also deeper game play with stat based grinding and leveling up characters in special ways for gamers looking for more substance. This easily is one of my favorite Game Boy games.

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Selling games has just got a lot easier with buying second hand xbox 360 and a number of other video games. The exhaustive variety of video games in the market has lured to add game to their repertoire. You can sell games for cash and sell xbox 360 games too for cash. There are millions of avid gamers across the globe and if you want to get into the process of selling games headlong, is a reliable and trusted way to go about this process.

Though game trade in prices is a relatively new concept, it has become immensely popular because it enables gamers to sell their games and use the cash that they get from this profitable exchange to buy the latest games that they are truly interested in playing. There is a better way of dealing with these games instead of throwing them away. By making recycling more profitable through this model of game trade in prices, the company is promoting the concept of selling games for cash. Be it second hand xbox 360 or other games, as long as other players can use the video games, the company accepts all kinds of games. Even second hand xbox 360 games have a very large market and there is a large base of buyers who are eager on buying these video games.

Game trade in prices is made easy through this simple and easy-to-use website. Says Simon Allen, “With a quick registration process that lasts only a few seconds, potential and interested customers gain instant access to a transparent system of pricing.” A built-in functionality on their main website where people who want to sell their games for cash get an estimated price for their games by entering the barcode of the game, the website displays the value of their second hand xbox 360 even before they sell it to The customer can then send their games to us by packing them up in a box and dropping them off to any local post office within the UK. It’s free to post to us and easy, just chose to print your own Freepost labels and welcome pack from our website or chose to have them sent to you, free of charge.
To sell games for cash is a smarter and a better move when compared with throwing away old and unwanted video games. It reduces waste and decreases the carbon footprint too. By being a part of this process, customers automatically become a part of a bigger and ongoing ‘Go Green’ movement.

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If you want to unlock your Wii, you no longer have to open up your Wii console and risk electrical componant damage and lose your warranty over a modchip. The reason for this is Because the days of the Wii Modchip are gone…. That’s right I said it! The Wii modchip is done.

I know the first thing that you just thought of is a Wii without a chip is just like a cheese burger without the cheese.

We all know once you modify your Wii you’ll have a game unit running at its full potential playing homebrew, backed up games, watch movies and alot more… The possibilities an endless. The list of what you could do with a Modchip’s Wii were amazing.

For years modchips were the only way To find the true power it has under the bonnet, and to turn it into an interactive media entertainment center. You will be blown away by the real power that is in your Wii without modchip.

So how come gamers really unlock there Wii?

Once you have unlocked it you can easily download any games or backup any game you want and play it on your Wii for free; or get out the old school emulators and play NES or SNES and Sega and about 10 other console games!

Today with the new technology and with the help of some really smart Wii hackers the Mod-chip has seen its last game day for the Wii.

Now gamers are soft modding where you no longer have to bust open your Wii and solder a Modchip without experience. More gamers break there Wii’s putting in a modchip then anything else. The Twizzer team are the ones to thank and we totally appreciate it.. You guys are incrediable!

It’s an amazing piece of technology code that was created no longer than a year ago. It will unlock your Wii Without a modchip in less than 5 mins and you don’t even need any experience.

Want to learn more about unlocking your Wii without a modchip then just follow this link and you’ll see the potential…

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Now that you have your own Xbox 360, the next thing you want as a serious player Xbox 360 is to make the most of what Xbox 360 has to offer, including the Live Game of Xbox 360. So what’s new with the Xbox 360 Live more and more people are hooked on playing with it?

First, you need to know that there are basically two types of Xbox 360 Live service. It is silver and gold. By understanding what each one offers, you’ll find the service you want to go and really take advantage of what Xbox 360 has to offer.

The first service is the Xbox 360 live silver. Basically, this is the service free version of the Xbox 360 Live. This allows you to play online with ease and also find downloads of their games. Besides, you can chat with other Xbox 360 players from around the world through the headphones and microphone. It’s basically like being able to speak with them by phone.

This is what the Xbox 360 Live Silver has to offer. If you plan to play games online, then you will not be able to do this service. However, you can play single player and will not be able to get this until a week after gold subscribers. As a serious player Xbox 360, Xbox 360 Live Gold is the only way to go. With the Gold service, you will be able to really experience what Xbox 360 is all.

The Xbox 360 Live Gold has a bunch of features that make online games and the unforgettable experience. When you subscribe to Gold, to be able to create an account, which enables you to create your online avatar. Besides that, every game you play online will be recorded. It will also be able to link your account to Xbox 360 to your Facebook or MySpace to all your friends to see.

Best of Xbox 360 Live Gold is allowed to play with a variety of online games with others from around the world. And you will be able to talk to them through voice chat as you’re playing the game. This is a great way to create a strategy to defeat your opponents.

What’s more is that there are games designed specifically for Xbox 360 that lets you use custom drivers. For example, the game Rock Band will allow you to become a drummer, a guitarist, a bassist or a singer with the special drivers you can buy in the nearest to your Xbox 360 distributors. In addition, it can form a band in line with the Xbox 360 Live Gold.

Halo 3 and other popular games are also available to play online. Whatever your taste, you can rest assured that you will be able to find the right game you can play online with your Xbox 360. So the next time you plan to buy a game console, you may want to try buying the Xbox 360.

With its unique online game, you can be sure that you will be able to have fun for hours.

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